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I remember you posting while camping! :) Thanks for all you do Mike. BoB
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2012 on Back From a Much-Needed Break at Hacking NetFlix
It sounds like you would be "sharing accounts" with other users since it says you can't pick your user name and they "ask" you not to change the password. He is also in Belgium.
I tried it out this week and it worked pretty good. I placed a couple of movies in the "watchlist" on They showed up fine on the xbox. Searching was fairly easy as well. I put the SD version of the movies in my queue but when I brought up the watchlist on the 360, it had them listed as the HD version. I do have my 360 hooked up via HDMI. This was a lot better than trying to play Amazon thru my LG BluRay player!
But... Art, you win - no more posts by me. But remember... "Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."
Now we know why sometimes... mothers eat their young!
Truth hurts huh Art? Go back to your legos. You have to "win" by calling someone an idiot? Mock my mom - she's 89 and still kicking by the way. Yep, this is what the "entitlement mentality" of the new generation is like. Sad.
You can find "something" to watch but is it what you "REALLY WANT TO WATCH"?! "I wanted "this", but I'll settle for "that" since NF does not offer it! You watch what NF/content providers SAY you can watch - not what you really want to watch!!!
I hope Mike doesn't mind... -Snip- You can already stream Prime Instant Videos on your Kindle Fire, your PlayStation 3, your Roku, and hundreds of other TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes. Today, we're excited to announce that the Xbox 360 joins the fold. ...We've also just added a new Watchlist feature, which helps you keep track of the movies and TV episodes you want to view later. You can add favorites and new discoveries to your list—then come back anytime to watch instantly. Try it on your Xbox 360, Kindle Fire, or your browser on PC & Mac ... and Watchlist is coming soon to PlayStation 3 and Roku... -snip- via Amazon Homepage
Nothing. Spending the holiday with the family and grilling on Monday!
Agreed, they need to have more/better content both on streaming for sure (if that's where they're putting all their eggs) and DVD. There are 100s of DVDs released in the past few months that they have failed to pickup.
Crystal Ball Moment..... Netflix = original Napster! Someone (Amazon?) will build the better mousetrap!!!
I don't know anything about streaming as NF has hidden all that from me as I am only a DVD renter! I see NOTHING about streaming when I visit Why they chose to hide streaming titles/options/choices from me I'll never know. Seems a great way to entice me to streaming but if it was not for Mike here, I would not now know about ANY NF streaming service!!!!!
"The movies aren't coming to Netflix DVD/BD day and date with retail stores because of the 30/60+ day windows. Derp." BUT, that should be a sliding 30-60 day window. after the initial 30-60 day delay, we should see the new releases from 30-60 days ago show up this week. Are you saying that 30-60 days ago there was nothing to add now?! NF was great at what they did originally, but they are now killing themselves off. Others will improve on the model and pass them up. NF will be sold off not too far in the future and will be a memory as Napster is (in it's original true form).
Netflix ONLY released 7 new titles... even though there are many more than that really being released this week. (check out BBO and other sites) Seems like NF really is trying to kill off the DVD section.
TRANSLATION: "It failed miserably. We are too ashamed to post viewer data as it is soooooo low. We hope, over time, that viewership will rise and then we can lump it all into one muddled, mixed number"
Ahhhh, the great NF streaming plan. Too many eggs into an unfinished basket. I have a basic NF disc only plan for fuller coverage, a BBO plan for games and titles NF does not/will not carry and I'll get my streaming from Amazon Prime if I need it along with the other free Roku offerings, as well as VOD thru Directv.
Why does Reed look more and more, with each passing day, like my old drunk uncle?! These past few months have not been kind to him! :)
Welcome to the world of streaming! NF at the mercy of providers (studios). At least with DVD rentals they OWNED the content! But they seemed to have abandoned DVD structure and put themselves at the mercy of content providers!!! Bad things man, bad things.
Welcome to the world of streaming! NF at the mercy of providers (studios). At least with DVD rentals they OWNED the content! But they seemed to have abandoned DVD structure and put themselves at the mercy of content providers!!! Bad things man, bad things.
Yeah, being a 6-yr customer of NF and only quitting them this past fall when they went MENTAL - makes me a loser. You can't even use a real name. I tell it like it is - you hide. NF is/has made a large mistake on their future. Streaming pricing HAS to increase to cover the money they are outlaying. You WILL be paying more next year for your precious streaming. The money just does not add up. It is why so many financial analysts agree. NF has forgotten who brought them to the dance. Hastings has made a mistake. They bought back shares earlier this year at $218 each yet sold them for $70+ dollars recently. Smart? No. I'll come back next year and ask you, if you are still here, how you like paying $24 for what you tout today at $8.
BTW, here is an AP news story documenting todays (11/22/2011) fall of NF stock and NF's recent actions.
@Joseph, streaming subs are up because that is all NF does when they expand into other countries. Yes, they ARE adding streaming content - for a price. NF is at the will of the streaming producers (studios) and must/will pay what they ask or not have any streaming content! NF OWNS the DVDs. That's an asset in their pocket. If they move to streaming, they trade an asset for a liability in streaming royalties. If you think you will still be paying $8 a month for streaming by this time next year, get real. Streaming prices WILL have to rise to offset all the fees charged by the studios - or you will see content that expires after a few short months. Remember, history has shown that innovators that are first on the scene, often do not last. Someone comes along that produces a better product based on what the innovator created.0 Amazon, Hulu, Roku, etc.??? may prevail in the end... at NF's expense.
@Nathan Hiatt Because after 8 years as a NF subscriber - - - I can! So there!
Yawn. Never watched it. Don't have NF now anyway. Waiting for Amazon to win the streaming wars!