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Posted Dec 13, 2009 at Lisbeth Calandrino's blog
I just visited with Crista the horticulturist from Heinz Brothers Greenhouse and Garden Center in St. Chyarles, IL and just asked her the same question. They have built great links with the community including the Susan G. Komen foundation and a downtown partnership with the city to provide and care for the hanging plants. Their after school kids programs and enrichment programs are flourishing. I loved the Butterfly House where they are raising butterflys and helping customers understand the importance of the butterfly to our society. (these are butterflys that are native to Illinois) I have not posted the blog yet, come visit at I love your info on plants! Thanks.
I love your posts; can't believe I couldn't find the comments! Go to the movies; a great place to experience yourself in the lives of others!How do you react, did you see another side of yourself?