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It seems pretty obvious to me at least that the underlying "e-reader" software of any Apple device will be a browser's rendering engine, and that the standards involved will include HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
I don't want to beat a dying horse, but I would love to see TripIt support arbitrary OpenID providers besides Google. To fully realize the vision that you describe here, you need to be agnostic to the service providers that people choose to use. Therefore, once again, I'd love to be able to use my own OpenID to access my TripIt account, in the same way that I use my OpenID to sign this comment.
I generally support this line of thinking (i.e. minimal disclosure) but the problem is that you lack economic clout to make the argument to get such a scheme adopted widely — especially in digital networked systems (i.e. social web sites or applications). It may take government intervention to force such a system, but as it turns out — a card that provides minimum disclosure in practice is often less useful than you might hope — and the bearer is often requested (or demanded) to provide additional information — name, provenance, email address, and so on — to receive basic levels of service. It has less to do with identity and authentication than it does the recognition of economic value of knowing who you are and how to contact you after you're gone.
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Oct 1, 2009
BTW, Pownce 2.0? Continue reading
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This looks kind of like Yahoo Meme. Am I character-constrained? Continue reading
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So, I use OpenID to access my Blinksale account. Seems like that's not supported with Invoicie? Can has OAuth?
Hmm. I suppose if the actor and verb remains the same, it's okay to group the activities all at once -- but that seems to complicate things from a publisher's perspective. How do you see a publisher batching activities? Wouldn't the publisher ostensibly need to keep track of each subscriber and then only provide the batch of NEW stuff? It seems to me that this is why ATOM deals with *atomic* singletons! You just grab the last, say 20 entries and you're done. With batching, it'd be hard to know where to begin and end a batch.
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