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Interests: firearms, laws, the constitution, military weapons and training, physical fitness, survival training, technology, politics, society, culture, conformity, rebellion, anarchy, gothrock/punkrock/newwave/postpunk music and subcultures/idealogy, big hair worse fashion, DIY, people in general are interesting creatures and why they do the things they do
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To the original post i don't think this is a fear of death, it's more than dying it the idea that you will no longer live again and the fear strikes to the core of you, i know it because i experience everyonce in a while and its the most terrifying thing ive experience, i avoid deep thought on the subject now because it causes such fear. The concept of your conscious self never again, in any length of time existing; your not sleeping, your not going to wake up, its not a dream that will end in a billion years, no restart to the game, its just over, forever, that is scary for of the stuff about enjoying life in the moment, loving life blah blah, that doesn't mean anything in comparison to the concept of not existing, nothing in this life that you do or appreciate will matter if for the rest of eternity you don't exist, so i really don't think you people fully appreciated this fear
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