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CH4 (liq) has a volumetric content of about 110 Kg-H2/m3, and a gravimetric content of about 25 wt%, somewhere off the upper right side of that chart....
10^12 moles, so 2*10^6 tons, or about 1/5th of current H2 production level.
Great. Throw in a chlorinated hydrocarbon to kill soil organisms so the nitrogen sticks around... yum.
Interesting study. Actual result is that marijuana increased the crash rate (relative risk) by 1.25-fold, but that this was insignificant when age, gender ethnicity and alcohol use were brought into play. The 1.25-fold rate, incidentally, is about that of the risk factor for blood-alcohol of 0.03 (well below the level of 0.08 where most states consider this a DUI, and at which point the relative risk is 3.98-fold increased).
@ai vin Looks like 48 hours for their bench-top conditions. @Davemart 100mg/1000 grams of water is 0.01%
A wash is right. The CO2 is captured as a by-product of refinery operations, later to be burnt as fuel. There is no carbon capture here.
General question: A person buys a Leaf in 2013, five years later there are better batteries. Presumably the new batteries would have different volts/amps. Anyone have a feel for how the current car would fit in with the new battery designs. Would there be a fix for switching to the new batteries?
"EBI is a partnership led by the University of California (UC) Berkeley and including Berkeley Lab and the University of Illinois that is funded by a $500 million, 10-year grant from BP." Says it all.
Australia in the midst of a drought that is popularly thought to be CO2-related. Here they are pulling more carbon out of the ground and burning it with some deference to CO2 entrapment. Rediculous back-pedaling.
Matthew, et. al, Look at the graph. Top line. Its DATA. In the last 4 years, total artic sea ice volume has decreased a total of about 5% per year as detected by satellite measurements, and confirmed in part by submarine measurements.