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Wished the paper had discussed other gasses besides N2 and CO2. Selectivity against O2 being the obvious gas for direct carbon capture from non-point sources.
One of the fantastic things about batteries is regenerative braking. Hard to imagine how you do that with H2 and no battery side storage.
Paroway. OK. Adjust on two accounts, I see they were Aust $, which is $0.71 US. Second, take $0.10/KWh electricity since I referred to EPA CO2 in delivered electricity. So about a 10% increase in electricity cost.
At $30/tonne and 7.07E-4 metric ton CO2/kWh (EPA average electricity, delivered) that comes to about 2.1 cents per KWh for carbon charge or an ~50% increase in the price of current electricity.
CH4 (liq) has a volumetric content of about 110 Kg-H2/m3, and a gravimetric content of about 25 wt%, somewhere off the upper right side of that chart....
10^12 moles, so 2*10^6 tons, or about 1/5th of current H2 production level.
Great. Throw in a chlorinated hydrocarbon to kill soil organisms so the nitrogen sticks around... yum.
Interesting study. Actual result is that marijuana increased the crash rate (relative risk) by 1.25-fold, but that this was insignificant when age, gender ethnicity and alcohol use were brought into play. The 1.25-fold rate, incidentally, is about that of the risk factor for blood-alcohol of 0.03 (well below the level of 0.08 where most states consider this a DUI, and at which point the relative risk is 3.98-fold increased).
@ai vin Looks like 48 hours for their bench-top conditions. @Davemart 100mg/1000 grams of water is 0.01%
A wash is right. The CO2 is captured as a by-product of refinery operations, later to be burnt as fuel. There is no carbon capture here.
General question: A person buys a Leaf in 2013, five years later there are better batteries. Presumably the new batteries would have different volts/amps. Anyone have a feel for how the current car would fit in with the new battery designs. Would there be a fix for switching to the new batteries?
"EBI is a partnership led by the University of California (UC) Berkeley and including Berkeley Lab and the University of Illinois that is funded by a $500 million, 10-year grant from BP." Says it all.
Australia in the midst of a drought that is popularly thought to be CO2-related. Here they are pulling more carbon out of the ground and burning it with some deference to CO2 entrapment. Rediculous back-pedaling.
Matthew, et. al, Look at the graph. Top line. Its DATA. In the last 4 years, total artic sea ice volume has decreased a total of about 5% per year as detected by satellite measurements, and confirmed in part by submarine measurements.