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The main reason for the 60 again is to get a lower base price and increase sales. They make enough profit where 'loaning' the customer the battery until (if) they pay for it is not a problem. They want to get some model 3 owners to upgrade to the S and both make more profit and take the pressure off them in the future.
Henrik, Tesla does not need to do anything to meet the demand for motors. They can get plenty of those. It is the batteries that are in limited supply. Tesla mostly changed the options to optimize profit per the amount of batteries they use. They can make less profit on a 60 because they can almost build three of them for the batteries that are included in two 85's.
SJC..... You seem to contradict yourself. You say BAS+ does not do much at all yet you show that it is giving a car that is 1000lbs heavier slightly better MPG as a Honda Civic. I think that is pretty good!
If it was not for CAFE we would not be seeing as many of these cars. Too bad we will not get the 520d with auto stop in the USA.
Read the article. Better yet, read the TITLE. Its a LOAN not a gift. Its a pretty normal process for new technology to start out at the high end and move down from there. That is exactly what is happening here. First the $80,000 car, then the $39,000 car and eventually one that costs even less.
While I am in favor of laws like this, this one has some huge loopholes that you could literally drive a truck through. The dual fuel option for 50% credit could allow for 'mild' gas systems that fulfill the obligations under the law but have little impact. If the law is not worded correctly you could see thousands of useless systems being installed for get up to $40000 credit per truck. Hopefully they will get it right.
Harvey, Tesla had to abandon two separate efforts to build a transmission for their electric. The torque is higher and seems to rip transmissions apart. Sure it can be built, but its heavier then you expect and now costs more.
Its also a trade off with reliability. No transmission to fail is a selling point to me.