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Interests: Gaming,Blogger,Sports Figures,Traveling,Reading,PC
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They Are Sueing Because His Work is getting a lots of plug on the news and from Barack Obmam Period... Its Great Work he did...Weather The Photo is his out now he use the image and did some work with Adobe Photoshop and it blow up in the HeadLines... It would not be a problem if it was not selling
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Im loving the colors you decided to pick for the figures thats a very nice move for both of them as well... Paint job was on point and detail of the figures were awsome as well... Its going to be a blast to seem them in person... Im not going to be able to join the fun this year...
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2009 on The Carney's at NY Comic Con at Plastic and Plush
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Go Manny you should have won it All...With The Dookie-Poo In my eyes.... But Congrats To All OF The Designers and Keep up the Wonderful Work...
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Charlie Brown Figure is "Decent"... The Retail Price is kind of hight for an 8in Figure....
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2009 on Charlie Brown VCD at Plastic and Plush
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Are u Serious with the Dookie-Poo? I will be puchase a diffrent Dookie-Poo instead of the Brown Poo ofcourse..... I guess it will sell do to the fact its New,Diffrent,and its Dookie... Overall Great Idea...
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2009 on 2008 Toy Awards: Best Packaging at Plastic and Plush
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I understand that Snoopy is a Classic Dog and Cartoon but a 11" Figure Dog is not worth $99.99... I have always loved the Designs From Charles Schultz's a little bit bigger I see it being $99.99....
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2009 on 1950's Snoopy VCD at Plastic and Plush
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