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Oct 4, 2010
What a great video. This is an example of YouTube at its very best.
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Hi Stephen, I just downloaded the provided Photoshop ACO palette of safe colors. Running one of my own designs through that palette in P'SHOP, I see that the only condition in which the resultant design looks like my original design... is if DITHER:DIFFUSION is set to 100%. What does that mean...? Is SPOONFLOWER using a DITHER FUNCTION of 100%? I notice that if DITHER is set to anything other than DIFFUSION:100%, then my design suffers greatly by taking on a hot-pink cast which basically... is not my original idea at all. Comments? Thanks, Dave
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I just downloaded the SPOONFLOWERCOLORS.ACO (the 256 count safe colors palette). I then ran one of my own designs through that palette... With the palette active, the only configuration which looks acceptably close to my original Photoshop design is if DITHER:DIFFUSION is set to 100%. If DITHER is set to any other mode, or if its diffusion is LESS THAN 100%, then my design suffers considerably... edging towards a very pronounced hot-pink cast, essentially making the design....uh.... not my design anymore. )-: Can I assume you are using a configuration of DITHER:DIFFUSION 100% in order to keep things very close to my original design? (or maybe I'm still not understanding something... not impossible)
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Yes, after some work with your nice cotton, I'd love to see me designs on some kind of shiny silk... or, barring that, a shiny quality Rayon.
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