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I have read the President's speech which sounds the same.The youths can't be of much help to Cameroon if they are not entrusted with responsibilities.If you are president today is because your predecessor placed you in a proper position.It is never too late.Prove your skeptics wrong Mr.President by organizing free and fair election and call it quit.For youths trying to get in touch with the President,suggest you visit his website have written so many mails to him,hope it gets to him.
Cameroon is a unique country where the wishes of the people are never respected.The whole world has just witnessed the country's supreme court dashed the last hopes of peace in that country.Every body responsible for that mess would account for it.A certain generation cannot be the underdog for a whole life time.What we need now is a leader,willing to assembly the people and enable them fight for their rights.A particular group of people cannot be above the entire masses and hold them hostile.The youths have no jobs,no future,no hopes and any person to lead a rebellion wouldn't lack followers.Forging an understanding with the so called 'pirates' or 'terrorist' for a start isn't a bad idea.A buffer zone with a friendly neighbouring country just fits well in the equation.We should go to the BUSH to enforce changes in Cameroon.
Cameroon has not fared on well on the human right front over the years.Amnesty International should make use of other instruments to mount pressure on the inresponsible regime in Yaounde to respect the fundamental human rights of its citizen.