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Jim Freeman
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A few nurseries sell prunus mume, the source of ume plums (as you said, they're really apricots!) and may be able to point you to commercial growers who are making their own or selling to restaurants/craft makers who are pickling 'em: in Portland in NorthCarolina both are nice folks to work with. And if you do find a domestic source that's good, you'll post about it, natch? Thanks!
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You grow, girl! Jim
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What is it with PETA and getting naked? Is it a high percentage of models in their membership (who, frankly, I would not take advice from about diets)? A mistaken attempt to reach out to the alleged average American male meat-eater? Some kind of food fetish? Sometimes a vegetable is just a vegetable . . . P.S. It's not that I'm against getting naked per se! But I tend to agree that the soft-core thing here is way out of line.
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