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Ok,I am from Toronto.Born and raised.And in Ontario,especially Toronto,we say "Beers" when we are having a chat about MORE than one Beer.Yes,a case of Beer is a case of Beer.1 Beer is called a "Beer". But as for 2,3,4,5,6,7,etc...they are called "Beers"And that is Proper English my Friends.But anyways..on to my little story..I lived in Toronto all my life until I moved to Nova Scotia.Where literacy is not abundant,and the People here think "Beer" is plural."I had me 10 Beer last night." Haha...sorry Mr. Boonie man..learn your Grammar,and language of Tongue before you open your Lobster trap.I swear...this whole "Beer" instead of "Beers" is a Nova Scotia thing..NOT a Canadian mistake.I've traveled all over Canada,and I have only heard this improper speech while on the the East Coast.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2009 on Beer or Beers? at Ask the English Teacher
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