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I love watching both of my girls w/their spouse/fiancee. That new and true love reminds me of how good that feeling is when you are just sooooo in love.
I would like some music backgrounds w/lyrics, edgy rock and roll, childrens stamp themes; but of course w/ a PTI twist!
Great! I loved the ornaments stamped and then copic-ed. I thought it was new DSP. Great use of the stamps and great technique.
AWESOME! Need tutorial on both. Thanks!
Cards, boxes to put them in, notepads. I love Christmas home made gifts and so love all of the great ideas--I want to do them all. Thanks for the great inspiration!
Such a great idea! These will definitely be Xmas gifts for the office girls - individualized for each of them.
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I liked the inside of card ideas as well as the coordinating envelope ideas. That really shows the versatility of all of the stamps and makes everything Xtra special. Thanks!
My mom always made the best costumes. I was Nurse Nancy w/ a navy cape w/ red trim. I still have the cape and my girls wore it too. Things that are homemade are the BEST!
So many recipes are associated w/ good memories. This is not a recipe, but after seeing the beautiful peach stamp, it reminded me of eating a peach right off the tree at my cousins house when I was a young girl. I guess my mom had always peeled them and I was so shocked to eat the fuzzy skin. Of course after that I never thought it was so weird, but I still prefer peaches to be peeled before eating. Love the new stamp sets.
Definitely packaging ideas from Lauren. She has such great ideas, I'll just let her come up w/ a great idea.
How timely! We are having a sister daughter reunion this fall and birds are our theme. Yeah! Also your peonies are beautiful! Ours bloom in Kansas around Memorial Day.
I'm with you, Hawaii has the best weather. We went there for our honeymoon and last year my sister and I took our parents (age 87) Damask Designs is on the top of my wish list. YIPPEE!
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My favorite beach place is Anna Maria Island, FLA, oooh don't tell anyone because we like the low key atmosphere w/ perfect white, sugar sand and beautiful water. Take the whole family and there's nowhere else you'd need to go. But I'd go just about anywhere w/my girls. Thanks for the chance to win cuz it's on my wish list.
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I like my tea and never drink coffee unless you have mostly cream and sugar (ie coffee ice cream, or coffee flavored candy) Kinda defeats the purpose of a non caloric drink. How many times do you ever see a stamp with a coffee pot?
Now I will definetly need Guide Lines 2 as well as the paper. I think it's a great idea to do the paper due to problems trying to stamp backgrounds bigger than 4.25. Also love the tea pot and umbrella.
I love them all, but the lilac and cream colors are so springy. I'm thinking May baskets.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2009 on Introducing Life at {capture the moment}
I love how complicated it looks, but so easy to do. You really thought these out with all the little touches that you do so well. Thanks!
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2009 on Introducing Guide Lines Two at {capture the moment}
Spring has sprung!!! I have tulips starting outside (2 inches tall so far)I love the tulips and the sentiment.
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