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This was utterly painful to watch! I will be watching how many votes this guy gets because it's people that vote for guys like Alvin Greene that got this country in the hole we're in! Is he getting money from the DNC to help with his campaign? Because they might as well just burn it!
I watched this the other night after reading the article, because I just really couldn't believe anyone could be THAT cruel and vindictive. Watching Jennifer Petkov spew the vile things out of her mouth AGAINST an innocent little girl who's precious life is not long for this world, I could not comprehend it. But than again, I can't comprehend suicide bombers and terrorists who have no regard for human life especially innocent children. It really was sickening to see that woman nearly GLEEFUL in her spite. So then I see the "apology" which really came from her husband (but of course he tried to justify it)and I wondered, "So did Mom and Dad see this on the news and were mortified and angry at you two idiots blackening their name?" Tell you what, if either of my children or ANYONE I knew acted like this, especially against a dying person or child, they certainly would get an earful from me!
Darn it! Where is that Kleenex box?? How about some advance warning next time? Truly this makes whatever issues we have with our children small and inconsequential and each day really is a blessing!
[blink blink blink.....acckkkk] It's times like these that make me very thankful the Good Lord made me hearing impaired! But then I had to go and read it! One of the reason I am not a hip hop or rap fan. I'd rather just hum. And derek you deserve a slap upside the head for your stupidity, but I know it wouldn't knock any sense into you so I will just roll my eyes and go my merry way!
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2010 on Hip Hop Barack at The National Conversation (Raw)
I wish I could fire back like Gov Christie without stammering and sputtering! This guy really has his facts and information to be able to REBUTT this Teacher succinctly, eloquently and respectfully! Little girl you've just been smacked down! Moral of the story? Before you whine complain and generalize what YOU think is the truth, you better be damn sure you KNOW the WHOLE Truth and not just what the Union Memo of talking points tells you.
Oooookay... 1. A Masters in Communication? 2. What was he before running, a professional student? 3. Passion is good but Obsession/Delusion added to the mix? hmmmm I am slinking out of there with Stacey before he pops out the Uzi.
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2010 on Need a laugh? at The National Conversation (Raw)
Woot woot! Sure wish I would have come across her at the rally! I would have given her a great big HUG!! Abortion does nothing but devalue ALL human life! If we are willing to discard our unborn, what is to stop us from discarding our elderly, and handicapped? And the LBJ Welfare programs did nothing but enslaved the poor and the minorities!
derek, when the Catholic church was going to build a monestary near one of the Nazi death camps, and created an uproar over the "insensitivity" of doing so. You know what Pope John Paul II did? He said "Sorry, we will build somewhere else" It doesn't help that the Imam of this Islamic Center for all intents and purposes preaches the later teachings of Mohammed. In the event you are unclear as to what that means, it means, "Destroy all infidels" "It's ok to be deceitful to your enemies to make them think you are peaceful when your sole goal is to subjugate and/or obliterate all non-believers" (Granted, I am paraphrasing, but I think I got it right) so derek if anyone needs to "grow" up it's you, or at least OPEN your EYES!!
Some people REALLY should not speak before thinking. Of course with Pete Stark He would never be able to speak because he's not capable of thinking!! I used to think that you should take a government class before being allowed to vote, now I'm thinking we need for our legislators to take an exam before running for office. (So many would fail.....)
(smack on the forehead)ughh, sorry JT, didn't see the tongue in cheek until after I posted. Thanks for at least being kind, I always enjoy a beautiful man winking at me! (Of course I always look around to make sure I was the intended recipient!) Oh and Rod-man FYI the elite is and always has been, the liberal left and knowing JT, he is no pawn of the "Elite". JT actually thinks for himself, because far more conservatives value this quality then liberal lefties.
Chris Matthews folks, Chris Matthews! Am I right JT?
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2010 on For Chris... at The National Conversation (Raw)
My first reaction to this picture was, "Wow that must have been really funny what Christie said" sorry but I don't think Obama is bowing but just enjoying a REALLY REALLY good joke. (FYI, I AM NOT an Obama supporter by any means, but I don't want to end up on the Libtard level of reducing EVERYTHING Obama does to a snarky criticism)
I'm glad someone noticed that little misdemeanor of the blown stop sign. Made me think of the videos of cars blowing thru stop signs and stop lights and getting clocked and smashed. Ugghhhh! so what's derek's position? Will he defend this as artistic expression? If they come thru my neighborhood I may have to set a rocking chair outside and "clean" my shotgun.....
Lol, Maddie you crack me up!
Toggle Commented Jun 25, 2010 on 1 Year Later... at The National Conversation (Raw) Ok derek, I'm really not talking about Mexico's policies toward legal immigrants, I'm referring to illegal immigrants since that is what AZ law is attempting to address. BTW Mexico's legal immigration policy is not a walk in the park since you can't go there to work and live unless you already have a source of income and own health insurance. ie Mexico will not give you a free ride with bennies like the US does.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2010 on "Dough!" at The National Conversation (Raw)
Derek, make sure you tell Mexico that. Tell you what, when they get rid of THEIR laws that discriminate against illegal immigrants and ALL the other countries that actually enforce their laws, maybe I will listen to your crap. ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!! And yes, punish those that hire illegal immigrants AND Deport ALL illegal immigrants and none of this anchor baby crap!
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2010 on "Dough!" at The National Conversation (Raw)
So derek, what's the teachers fo MPS' excuse? Cuz from where I'm sitting they make a nice sum of money, very good benefits and really really nice pension plan and they can't seem to get the job done! FYI, It really burns me when I hear them complain after I had to take a PAY CUT of 20% just so I could KEEP my job.
Well than I guess we should boycott CA?
Hey derek, how long did it take you to think of that defense? And are you really saying it with a straight face? JT, Since derek doesn't believe that people have the right to peacefully assemble and to exercise their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to free speech and hold the government accountable for their actions, Can't we place a mute button on this dude?
Wow! re: the Liberal signs! Love it , kind of like the "I'm with Stupid" Shirts!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Liberals at The National Conversation (Raw)
You think he was in such awe to "his" hero! Wonder if he asked for his autograph.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Disgrace! at The National Conversation (Raw)
Home Country?? Home Country in Kenya?? Replayed several times just to make sure. And then I heard the other day (Don't know if it's true but have to tell you that after hearing this, Makes me go hmmmmm) that Barack Obama's Soc Sec # is from stating that the # originally issued to someone born in 1890 in CT. Do they reissue Soc Sec #'s??
In response to derek, Perhaps the real targets of to whom this video should be shown to ARE the legislators who currently are nothing but corrupt idiots hellbent on throwing the Constitution in the garbage. Another video that should be shown is Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm just a Bill" seeing as they are trying to find ways to "pass" the bill without actually voting on it....
Ok, so I didn't officially ask derek anything, just putting in my 2 cents.