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Glad to discover a cluster of Fred Ward enthusiasts. Will wager most of them have never seen his wonderful lead in the second of the two great "Noon Wine" TV adaptations (Peckinpah's, with Jason Robards in the same role, is one I've waited 40 years to watch again). Ward's 1986 version, with Pat Hingle and the wonderful Lise Hilboldt, at least reached video status, and is wholly worth tracking-down.
I was driving to NYC before dawn one Saturday, using a tag-sale tape-casette collection of old radio dramas to keep myself awake, and ten minutes into "Leiningen versus the Ants", I had to pull over to seek confirmation that Orson Welles was playing the lead role. Turns out to have been Bill Conrad. Didn't know anyone else could project OW's self-amused resonance-- did Conrad ever make conscious use of the likeness?
Toggle Commented May 7, 2009 on In Praise of William Conrad at Some Came Running