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Heartbreaking. The government is heaping a blood debt on this nation that I fear will be repaid in like kind.
I have observed news from the viewpoint of traveling to many places in the world what bothers me the most is that the average American is conditioned and willfully ignorant of the world around them; sports, who slept with who, and other distractions are vastly more important than either knowing the truth or acknowledging the truth. The level of propaganda here in the school system, "free" press, the churches, and from the government is the byproduct from sycophantic progressivism run a muck. I pray that enough people will educate themselves that the obvious outcome to this planned system will not succeed.
The list I believe demonstrates the typical disconnected from definition American. Neocon would be at most the description for Condi Rice. S.E. Cup fits the mold more as a libertarian than conservative. Dana Perino....two words, Harriet Myers. Finally, Ann Coulter...Christ Christie and Romney; she is now more neocon and confused than conservative.
Disturbing. As I watch that video I reflect on what the monster Vladimir Lenin said on children: "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." This is another reminder to flee the public school system and carefully screen private schools else your children will be propagandized (e.g., hating Jews, hating Christians, and not able to discern positive and negative morality).
Hello Atlas, I have experienced this first hand, as a pro-life group that I have been apart of for twenty years(600 some members for my county) did not have the option. I have all the contact info outside facebook so it is a good time to cut off dead wood, i.e.painstaking process of recontacting each person. This might stir up the membership to get busy once again (as i try to see the good in what happened). All in all, facebook is once again showing itself as a classic example of a statist social media outlet.
History is candle light to the masses, quickly covered or blown out. I say this for many reasons but one recent event is that I spoke to a Bosnian women selling scarfs(ha jibs)at a local fair here in Puyallup, WA. Anyhow this women did not even know about Christian churches being burned down in Kosovo after the UN mission, or any of the Islamic terrorists attacks in the 80s and 90s on Kosovo Serbs. This is merely a drop in the bucket of my experiences that show that people in their own countries know less about what is happening therein then they should. Case in point this story by Pam, one of many that show there was more then just "hero(muslim) and villain (serb) in this tale."
Toggle Commented May 27, 2011 on Julia Gorin: "Roasting Mladic" at Atlas Shrugs
the death of Laura Wilson is tragic. Her death is compounded more regardless of her lack of common sense by naming her a "stupid &*#@%." Part symptom of the positive value western Rousseau culture, i.e. everyone is good, there is no absolute truth, its all relative.
My first response to these stories is, another false flag op to get more control. It may very well not be the case. The problem lies in the fact that in ten years there has been two levels of encouragement; statism and Islamism. I have now been through three times this year alone the 'enhanced interrogation techniques'(tsa molestation, and naked scanner). The whole train mantra being hyped just leads me to conclude the powers that be want tsa on the trains.
1936 America, 1936 Germany...
Reading this news story evokes in me ...*hands to head, pulling hair out in mixed frustration and anger* BO, the state department, the jesters in charge of the U.N. are all engaged in absolute wickedness. We have examples of slavery, genocide, barbaric abuse of women, state sponsored terror by the Muslims and not a concern whatsoever by the U.N. Past time to abolish this corrupt world body, and tell those that reside on this spinning globe(USA included) to STOP interfering in the sovereign state of Israel.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on US To Rebuke Israel at UN at Atlas Shrugs
This is stealth jihad. "a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible" Woodrow Wilson University and K-12, the goals are out in the open... Subvert the minds of the young. Secondly were there not several of those islam schools or mega mosques being built in Texas a year back or so?
Thanks. I have studied for the last year in my masters program for Education through Liberty University, and consider the clear defined thought process you prescribe beneficial. You have through this blog asked the question; reasoned alongside John Locke, Cicero, and set forth the ideas that are needed to bolster the ammunition of truth. You then placed this in the American context with your defined approach to natural law, and contracts therein. Summing my thoughts up; I find that there is enough material here to discharge a book into the seeking American mind. One heckofa titanic task it would be. Davin
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This article along with the progenitor 'demise of the nation state' is curative,and a full course thought provoking meal wrapped in one. The western 'elites' have attempted, and largely succeeded in causing atonality in our culture. Surely it is precipitous towards something different, and not 'holy' nor 'roman' as you made mention to. A example of this to me is also a bible reference: Twelve spies sent into the promised land, only Caleb and Joshua saying it was possible. The question is then how in a center-less society can the weight of conviction prevail 2v10 without war... The only answer I have to mind; namely people need to reaffirm that this is a short breathed experiment in Liberty, and it either is worth fighting for, or it passes to the normative enslavement epoch of man.
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Another example of how the commy red plague was not stamped out in america, it just took a while to bear it's full fruit.
It is scary. You can read stories of how in Germany the conditioning resulted in absolute power by the nazi party in a decade or so. You can read how bread and circus destroyed rome, but to see it here in america happening in both parts with a public that has lost its outrage is scary. I understand how people just want to live their lives and try to ignore reality, and have a good time etc. But honestly, wow when the boot is about to press your neck into the mud. Ignoring that....whew yah....Pam sums it up well. "Feel safe,infidels?"
America needs to wake from this apathetic coma,regain the sense of outrage,once again have the spirit of the men and women who founded this country, and cast off the shackles of tyranny. If this conditioning continues I fear America will soon be the Nazi country the progressives have so longed for. Blue eagle x10, camps, etc.
I do not hate muslims just the teaching of the pedophile Muhammad. Here is a question I am voicing. Did the people prior to the revolutionary war face as much insanity and overreach from king george as we are facing from the lapdog tsa,obama, encroaching communism,islam, and truly evil plans that are happening in this country. elitist factions on the right that are for nothing they say they are for, and communism factions on the left that are scarily pushing ahead a agenda that is 'fundamentally transforming america.' "Something is rotten in the state of denmark."
End the dangerously naive nation building and return to how war should be fought: Kill your enemies, give them no safe haven, and demoralize their citizens so they want the war to end.
How high up the chain do you think that order came from.....the president maybe. I say there should be a investigation
Pam, you put into focus the tactics and the enemy. With you to the gates of hell here.
Toggle Commented Oct 4, 2010 on The Door Closes ..... for now at Atlas Shrugs
Looking forward to the day Wesley Clark faces war crimes...unlikely to come but still it is a day I hope for. In the mean time I hope that book is translated quickly into English as I do not think the girl I am dating who knows Russian would find it romantic to read it to me.
Well said. I believe the whole 'paint ball soldier' tactic that Israel is displaying is a sign of how far the leadership there has declined since the heroes and heroines of the past aka Golda Meir and Menachem Begin. The narrative is 3500 years of hating the Jews and playing it safe on the world stage is not going to change that one bit. Better they raise their chins and take a firm stance and raise Gaza to the ground. Those people are Jordanian or Egyptian. This whole Palestinian concocted myth is...well something that should not have been allowed ie letting your enemy control the narrative.
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Only in America right? The only thing I could make of this trial is clueless lawyers with too much pride endanger the live Rifqa. Her legal counsel, well key stone cops and standing on their not seem to do their moronic actions justice. Why Rifqa did not fire these lawyers and have people with a actual sense of her well-being first and foremost on her behalf in place like Pam and perhaps someone with the legal savvy of yourself jj in charge is also beyond me. Rifqa strikes me perhaps as too trusting, and I can see why with the fear of her life on the line. This seemed
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Many blessings. Loving my day with my savior Jesus Christ.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2010 on Peace And Happiness On Easter at Atlas Shrugs
There are glimmers of comfort...thinking of that recent 9th circuit court case where that nutcase that tried to remove the "in God we trust" was struck down again. ......then I interject a but....but well and this goes to more of a total worldview...the world is spinning down the shitter with iran, another example of flawed U.S. security in that muslim who worked at a nuke plant etc...hah I guess you have to take the hope in if there is another shock to the system...and it is not enough to destroy the system all together then possibly the people in our country will be roused enough to reclaim the country. That is something we can pray and hope for.
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