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SuperAliensDamnit!, I forgot "matters" in my last post. I'm stuck in an infinite loop of stupitity, like God. And like Him, I can't go back and edit. How ironic.
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..And by "effectivly" I mean "effectively" if grammar of what to me, is a foreign language, when talking about things that breaks the laws of physics, mathematics and logic.
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..And with "advanced alien" I mean that in the broadest possible sense, there may be interdimensional aliens capable of trancending what we think of as the universe, and thereby existing effectivly outside it, perhaps even capable of creating it, thereby effectivly being the God of this one, yet they would still require an explanation.
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I'd still go for "advanced alien" over God, because if god flexed all his superpower muscles there wouldn't be any explanation (even a hypothetical one) of where god came from or how these powers were acquired. He'd still be the "Ultimate 747" as Dawkins put it..
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