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I never thought I'd hear myself saying this in a gazillion years but since my hubby is in mgmt. at Chrysler and they've cut back all the OT, that's put a damper on my spending so I find myself doing a lot of recycling of things that I used to throw away. I also resell things that I no longer use to my friends in the various groups I belong to. Gina
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Happy Anniversary Dawn! I would nornmally post about my terrific hubby but since I lost my daddy just 3 short years ago (it still feels like it was yesterday), I'm going to to post about him. He was the best daddy in the whole world. He was my hero. I was his princess and he was definitely the king of our castle. He took such great care of my mom and I. He had old fashioned values and was big on respect. I didn't always appreciate that when I was growing up but now that I have children of my own I couldn't be prouder of the things my daddy taught me. And as he looks down on me from heaven I know he's smiling because he's proud of me for instilling those same values in my boys. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about my daddy. I miss him so much but I know one day I'll be with him again in heaven and until that time I'm raising my boys to be great men, taking care of my mom who has alzheimer's now :( trying to be the best wife to my wonderful husband amongst other things. Happy Anniversay to the two of you! Enjoy your specail day! God Bless! Hugs and smoochies~ Gina
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the damask set too! I just ordered it! I can't wait til it gets here! And the apple set is too darn cute! It would be the perfecttamp to us for all of my teachers gifts and cards!!! Hugs, gina
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2009 on Elegance and a giveaway! at This Little Card of Mine
Amy, Amy, Amy..... Where does all this creativity come from!!! I love how diverse you think. One moment you're inking a sassy Bella and the next your inking adorable chicks!!! You go gurl!!!!! Hugs, Gina
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2009 on Hello Chica at Prairie Paper & Ink
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Wholly Canoli Amy, This card ROCKS!!!! I love it. You are so creative and come up with the BESTEST ideas!!!! TFS and for inspiring!!! Gina
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2009 on Bella Butterfly at Prairie Paper & Ink
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Amy, I love this Bella too! She is so darn cute! Now, would you like to come to my house and help me with my cleaning, organizing, etc.?????? I could really use the help girlfriend! I'm about 3 years behind! LOL Hugs, Gina
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2009 on Wishing You.... at Prairie Paper & Ink
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I'm not seeing my posts :( I'll try again. I counted 16 bunnies. Hugs, Gina
I made a mistake.....UGH! I counted 16 bunnies total. Gina :P
I counted 15 bunnies! Hugs, Gina
This card is FABULOUS!!!!! From one nail tech to another, you are quite the ar-tiste!!!! Hugs n smoochies, Gina
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2009 on Happily Ever After at Prairie Paper & Ink
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You're a ribbon junkie just like me! I gotta have more! Hugs, Gina
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2009 on BLOG CANDY!!! at Prairie Paper & Ink
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Hi Jennifer, Glad to see you made it home. There's nothing worse than being stuck somewhere away from your family. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card. Something that mad me smile today AND has totally made my day is the message Pastor Ron left on our answering machine. We haven't been to church for the past couple of months due to our son's travel soccer schedule and being out of town and Pastor Ron left us a message on our answering machine letting us know that he misses us and that he's been thinking about us. I can't wait to go to church this week! Have a great day! Gina :)
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