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Charleston, SC
Professor of Communication
Interests: New media and audience motivations
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Imagine your best friend trades in his new car (which he drove for only 7 months) to get back his old car from the dealer's lot, because he regrets trading it in. Question: Would you consider buying the traded-in car, at any price?
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Value is not the real solution, because there is no solution. The operative words are "almost all" -- online users accustomed to free content will simply migrate from those sites that charge to those who do not charge. That's the future of journalism: No one can charge for content because there will usually be at least one someone who will be willing to give it away to overcome market barriers. Once that newcomer decides to charge, then another newcomer will give it away for free. Too many voices, be they retired journalists too bored to go fishing or recent J-school grads seeking to build a reputation, are ready to fill the void left by paid sites.