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Hi Adam, This is a nice post! :-) I just wondered if I have long name on my button, how do I control the length of text displayed?? and how can integrate it to a new custom cuix. Thanks, Zeus
Yes, I mean to do that particular stuff inside Civil 3D UI? :-)Thanks!
Hello Partha, I just want to ask if it is possible in VB.NET to replace the source baseline alignment of a certain Profile View and Profile? Just like we have in corridor?
hello Mr.Isaac, I am interested of using the Tangent Intesection labels apply in C3D 2012, since I want to used my previously custom style in my current drawing is it still possible through
Thank you for your kind response.. :-) Same as you have suggested thats what my only option left using corridor section editor to edit per station which i been referred as editing it manually.. I'm searching for more particular daylight sub-assembly that is capable of transitioning itself given only station range and a slope range, but i guess it doesn't have one..:-)
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Is there any daylight sub-assemblies which i can used concerning to work in a slope transitions situation given a certain station limits without having to edit it manually one by one, particularly in curve alignment cases since i have no problem on the straight.. thank you!
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