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Hi all! Love the articles and replies. Always trying to learn a bit more (difficult sometimes!) I do have Venus in Pisces - and then? I have been seeing 11:11 since 1987 Let go? Wow! Since 11:11 my life became a constant 'letting go' and I go with the flow. Please, anybody could give some of this special moment (grand irrationality)with my aspects? Sun Aries 2°18'14 in house 3 direct Moon Capricorn 2°16'09 in house 12 direct Mercury Aries 4°46'09 in house 3 direct Venus Pisces 26°35'35 in house 3 direct Mars Gemini 3°20'05 in house 5 direct Jupiter Virgo 26°10'42 in house 9 retrograde Saturn Sagittarius 14°18'28 in house 11 stationary (R) Uranus Leo 3°00'37 in house 7 retrograde Neptune Scorpio 1°59'41 in house 10 retrograde Pluto Leo 28°26'17 in house 8 retrograde True Node Scorpio 20°55'36 in house 10 direct much appreciated!
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