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To clear things up - In older women, (not sure from which age,) a maximum of 3 fertilised eggs are inserted and with donor eggs (donor normally under the age of 32), a maximum of 2 eggs ONLY. This is how it is down in SA anyway! So dear USA, your record breaking octuplets mother could not have possibly done this procedure in an ethical way. To Kirsty the Physio, your comments completely resonate with me! Thanks for your professional opinion.
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Hi T, wink wink! I'm thrilled to see that the woman's decision is trailing only slighly in your poll and by the end of the day, I'm sure it will have overtaken the doc's decision. I would assume that the majority of votes pro the doc are women who have already been blessed with their own children and never reached the TTC over 45 bracket. I am nearing 48, extremely fit and healthy, look far younger than I am and know that I will soon be pregnant! I have had 4 miscarriages (41, 42, 44 and 45 -all within the first 12 weeks). Three were natural conceptions and the final was after an AI at a fertility clinic. In my opinion the doc should have done an IVF cycle. Falling pregnant, miscarrying and waiting for a period, cost me 6 months. My chances of conceiving with my own egg then dropped to 0.0000000(more of those).65%, so to me that meant, there was still a chance! The doc then strongly suggested that I "Get a donor egg!!" It was not that I didn't understand that my chances were slim, but rather that emotionally I was not ready to go the donor route. Besides, I did not like his insistent manner. My husband and I fled. At another clinic, we were received with open arms. I was again reminded that my eggs were old. All I received was warm and loving support. 8 IVF cycles later,(I didn't have many eggs, but they always fertilised and divided. Once inserted, they swam right past the uterus and then asked "Where are we going?", the answer came back "Little darlings, you were going to the uterus, but you swam past that port two days ago and now you will just be washed out to see!) This occured each and every time. On the last cycle, I felt emotionally broken and knew then and only then that the donor egg route was my next option. The doc that was treating me at the time said that I had to get there myself, otherwise I would have always wondered "What if I had tried just one more time!" So for me having perfectly healthy mechanics, I was willing to take my chances and not be pushed into a decision that I did not make! So here we are waiting to welcome a couple of fresh young donor eggs who I am sure will know that they should dock at the uterus. My chances are a grand 65%! Adoption at this stage is not an option. I want to and will be pregnant and wish to thank all the kind and sensitive women out there who are donating their eggs! Hey Tertia, can I cast another vote? LOL XXX
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