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Hi Dannie, I want to say that I LOVE your work. You have such beautiful taste, and you do something that I do myself and that is you finish the inside of all of your cards! I love receiving your daily emails to see what you have made, and then I come here to check out all of your creations again. Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us. Karyn Port of Los Angeles
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Wow, Patty! 5 Million hits! That is amazing, and congratulations! I think the rag purses are so darn cute and to win one that you made would mean a lot to so many of us. There are so many neat things that you could give away so have fun making the decision. I agree with one of the comments about you treating yourself to a day spa. Thanks for inspiring so many millions of us! :) Also, I love it when you email photos of your gorgeous flowers (the ones in your flower garden) that you love so much. Have a great week!
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Hi Dawn, I love Kellie's card a lot. I think it's fabulous. Love the colors, and I have to get that new ribbon. Too cute. Also, thanks for always showing us your wonderful creations. I have to come here every day to see what you have to show off! :) Karyn
Hi! I am so happy to have found you via Patty Bennett. You are truly an inspiration to me! I will look so forward to coming here on a regular basis. Karyn
Hi Patty, I love what you do, and I love your enthusiasm. Here are a few SU Dems whom I think are really good. Andrea & her sis Sohia Carla is truly talented. Dannie not only is creative but she always finishes her cards inside and they are beautiful. aaaaaw, Amy Celona is also one of my favs! Love going to Karen's site to see what she has come up with. She does beautiful work, and she is a HOOT!! Faith is awesome with color and style. I love her work, and I hope all of you will too. I visit so many sites that sometimes I lose track of time and will spend an hour and a half just browsing. Thanks Patti for always sharing what you love! Karyn
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Hi Dannie, I just love coming to see what you have created. You do such gorgeous work and I love all of your detail on the outside and how it continues to the beautiful inside. Amazing work. Thanks for always sharing your creativity with all of us. Karyn
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Fabulous! What more can I say? :) :)
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2010 on Cottage Garden Stamp Set at Dannie's Designs
Hi, You have excellent taste and such style. I love that you finish the inside of all of your cards and make them as gorgeous as the outside. You sound truly happy and I'm happy for you. I can tell that your spirits have lifted tremendously in the past few months. Have a great week. Karyn
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2010 on Christmas Already? at Dannie's Designs
Way to go Angie. You rock lady! Congrats on all of your accomplishments. I love Chic 'n Scratch! You have a fabulous personality, and you are so creative. Keep up the good work.
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Hi Dannie, I came here tonight to see if you had come back, and I'm so happy to see that you have. So many people suffer from depression, and I do as well, so take care of yourself and know that we care very much about you. I think your blog is beautiful! Take care and I hope to see you back soon with some wonderful creations. Karyn
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This video is such a wonderful way for Jess to say farewell to a very good friend. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that the girls have graduated high school and now Ash is far away from her best friend. I wish Ash the very best with her new life, and the best to Jess in her future endeavors. My hat is off to both Jess & Ash for bringing so much laughter to so many of us. Karyn Port of Los Angeles
LOL...LOL...ROFLMFANNY OFF!!! I love Jess and Ash. Both of their mothers are lucky to have two great daughters. They are a HOOT, and so very nice. I look forward to all of their videos. Tell Ash I almost pee my pants when watching them. I'm with you, Dawn, most of what they say I can't understand, but I don't care. :) They are so hilarious. Thanks Jess and Ash for making so many of us laugh till our cheeks ache. (facial of course)!! Your fan, Sassy Karyn
OMGoodness Dawn, I love the new look of your site. Purple is my favorite color too. This is looking fantabulous! Look forward to seeing it finished. Karyn
Good Morning Dawn, I really like all of the cards that your friends sent to you, but I have to say that the animal card is exceptional, and to sit and cut out all of those animals takes patience. It's adorable. I also LOVE the ladybug card, as I'm a nut for those cute bugs! Happy Saturday, and thanks for always sharing with us. Karyn :)
Great idea, Angie. I have been eyeballing the P-Touch at Michaels for some time now, and since I do have a 40% discount card I will have to buy one. They do come in handy. Keep those ideas coming and keep doing what you do best---make beautiful art work. :) Karyn
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Hi Angie, I think it would be nice if you named it The Savanna Bag after your niece, and then let everyone know that it comes in three sizes and give the measurements. Shoes are given names by the mfg, but the name doesn't change with the size. :) I think your niece will look back on this with a great big smile if you named one of your fabulous bags after her. I love your blog and you are such a hoot. Keep up the good work, and keep making those bags. I do not know how to sew so I admire anyone who can. Happy Weekend!
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Savanna Bag?? at Chic' n Scratch
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OMGosh....too darn funny. My cheeks are hurting from laughing....Thanks Jessie & Ashleigh for another great, hilarious, performance. I look forward to the next one!!!! Thanks Dawn for sharing this with all of us. OMG we all need a good laugh, and more kids should be this happy and confident. As always, I just love your site.
Hi Dawn! I got all choked up when reading that Rich said he wants his life back. I'm glad that he wants to come home for good. I'm so happy for all of you. You are a neat lady and so full of life. I hope he comes home much sooner than later. Also, as usual, you make such beautiful cards. Forever you fan! :) Karyn Port of Los Angeles
Loved it!!! So much fun. :) Happy New Year, Dawn. Love ya girlie.
Hi Angie, I'm sorry you got such a scare with your hubby on Christmas Eve, but I just read your post where he is asking what are you staring at? and I had to chuckle. Sorry, but I can just see you staring at him to make sure he is alive. Hope you do not take this wrong, but you always make me chuckle. My friend and her family moved to O.P. 15 years ago from So. Calif and although she does like it there, she definitely misses So. Calif. Be careful out there and do not drive if you do not have to. Keep staring at Dave. :) Yes, I'm concerned about his well being. Always your fan, Karyn
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Good Morning Ms. Happy Stampin' Dawn! Congrats on your 300th video! I love your videos, learn so much, and can't go a day without coming here to see what you have created for all of us. You are the best Dazzling Diamonds Girl! Keep the videos coming. Purple rules! LOL Have a fab weekend, Karyn
Love it! That is one of my favorite stamp sets. Too cute. I am so glad that I found your site. You have very good ideas and taste, and you give very good directions. Thanks! Sass
Toggle Commented Dec 2, 2009 on Mojo 115 - Things I Love at Stampin-Style
OMG...that turkey is so stinkin cute! I love coming here and seeing what you are up to, and you never fail to make me laugh. Happy Thanksgiving to you Dawn and your entire family. Always your fan from the Port of Los Angeles, Sassy Karyn :)
Happy Thanksgiving Mike! Oh my goodness, but look at your fabulous card. I just love that, and I have Lovely As A Tree so now I have to give this a try. You are very creative and it's great to see a man show off his creativity. You keep it up and we will keep coming back. :) Fondly, Karyn
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2009 on Lovely As A Tree at Stampin-Style
Thank you for sharing that video with us. I need to learn how to forgive not only myself but my mom.