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Here's my story. I also sent in a burned DVD. Yes I am an idiot, yes it was Fraggle Rock - Season 1. I freak out since I'm actually studying for the bar exam as we speak. So my level of paranoia is heightened. (Criminal Accomplice Liability for Netflix?) Probably not since they have to intend to help me usually. But maybe post offense accomplice liability (even though I don't think there's a duty to turn anyone in). But either way I get this email: Problem With Your Recent Return Dear Pirate, We received an empty white sleeve in your recent return. If you haven't already sent back the DVD you intended to return, please include it with your next return along with a note including your name and email address so we can match the movie to your account. If you returned the DVD and white sleeve in its envelope, please visit the Shipping Problems page ( and select "I returned a DVD but Netflix has not received it." We apologize for any inconvenience. -The Netflix Team I love these guys, I swear. So if you guys are out there freaking out like I was there is hope. I may still get something but I doubt it. I love the Internet, together we can get away with anything. lol. Peace.