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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa benf/benb
The Post headline shoud have been something like "Tumi out of Hospital" or "Tumi is Recovering from Mild Illness" benf/benb
Take HEART Roland. If that's the whole truth of the matter; if you didn't say you would kill Biya or was planning to kill him, then rest assured we are contacting Amnesty International on your behalf. The government is still fighting to cleanse its image over Amnesty's recent report on our nasty human rights record. There is the scandal over the abusive detention of Wakenhut (Group4S) security guards and the Yaounde branch boss of Le car (the Yaounde-Douala intercity bus company) caused by a riff-raff of a magistrate girl because she was replaced on a departing bus when she was not available upon take off. You can be sure that when Amnesty takes up Teacher Roland's case, Biya will pannick and say he didn't even know about it. Roland, you will be released! benf/benb
So if I say here that policemen only know how to brutalise innocent citizens but cow and flee when faced with Nigerian sea rascals called sea pirates, so if I say that it means I am unpatriotic and want Cameroon defeated by Nigeria? Mad people! The plain clothes police now has something to show his bosses to earn his next promotion. He surely went home that day beating his chest that he had acted true to what his father had told him, that he would grow up to be a James Bond cop. He caught a terrorist in the city! Shameless fools. Take Roland, someone is praying for you. Benf/Benb
Is this a disclaimer or what? Or just a way to show that you love the cardinal more than anyone else and only you wish for his wellbeing? I do not see the raison-d'etre of this counter report that opens with "Contrary to reports in certain local media that Cameroon's lone Cardinal, is critically ill and hospitalized..." All of that only to end your report " at last weekend, he was convalescing." Convalescing meaning recovering from his illness or responding to treatment. Does that sound to anyone like being contrary to earlier reports that the Cardinal was ill of an undisclosed ailment as The Herald reported last week, for example? Wasn't it the same last week you refer to in your report saying " at last weekend, he [the cardinal] was convalescing"? Isn't this an unnecessary holier than thou provocation of a press war between The Post and The Herald? Stop it! Fact is, Cardinal Tumi was down with an undisclosed ailment. Period! He was hospitalised. Period! These two facts come out in reports by both The Post and The Herald. What The Post report adds is, it throws more light on what The Herald called an "undisclosed" ailment because at the time The Herald reported the story, they didn't know what the Cardinal was suffering from. The Post's report goes further to give more on chronology of how the Cardinal fell ill and recovered. The Herald was right that the Cardinal was ill. The Post is right that Tumi had a toe ailment. Has anyone lied? So what is this "contrary" of a noise all about? Look, that Cardinal is everyone's Cardinal. Don't try to own him. And mind you, he can be ill. He was ill. He is only recovering (convalescing). Period! Benf/Benb
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