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Question -- what if actually having the homework done on time is needed for the class? For example, if students don't keep up with a reading assignment, they aren't going to be able to participate in the discussion the next day. What if the work is practice? This past year at my high school, we started something new with the freshmen -- homework/practice work is worth very little, and students can retake a test if they wish. Although it isn't working in everyone's classes, I had a lot fewer failing students at the end of the semester in January than I have seen in my 9 previous years at this school. Unfortunately, a lot of kids took their failures in other classes as a signal to give up in ALL their classes this semester. :( I do wonder about the issue of copying. When I'm grading a bunch of projects that were turned in on time, I can tell if I've see something that sounds exactly like another project. If it's something turned in weeks later, however, I have no idea if it's actually the student's work or not. Make them come in and complete the work in your presence? How do I get them to do that -- we don't have recess at the high school.
Ooo -- good luck with baggage making it too! Did you fly into K-zoo or Detroit? Good luck with tomorrow's session!
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Dang, had I known you'd be in K-zoo, only an hour and a half away, I would have taken THIS Friday as comp time instead of LAST Friday! Hmm... that's still a lot less driving than going to CT. Hmm...
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