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Ford Explorer Jeep Cherokee There ya go guys.... (that was a no-brainer)
Volkswagen engineers: this is a triumph of colossal proportions. The balance you have struck here is spot on. Do not take the above comments seriously, not even the weight comment above, because you do not want to get hit driving a car that is any lighter. At the moment I drive a Jetta TDI which saves me $50/week ... a car that puts other makes to shame. This new car pretty much flattens the competition.
@ Harvey D., the expensive component in fuels is the platinum or other catalyst substance. Inexpensive, effective substitutes have already been found. Hydrogen power will be practical- soon- no matter how hard you try to convince the world otherwise.
@ Will S: Efficiency does NOT matter. Economic viability matters and low environmental impact matters. Both electrical generation to use and gasoline combustion to tires involve huge losses- but these technologies can be affordably used. The same will be true of hydrogen. It should be obvious that the other problems will be solved as well, as there has been huge progress on storage, generation, and fuel cell costs.
Hey Harvey D, aren't you going to remind us that hydrogen power can't work?
At Mannstein: and I agree too. It became fashionable to criticize the whole hydrogen effort, especially after Bush signed on to it. Thousands of companies are pursuing it for good reason, all over the world. They know better than you, Harvey D.
the international conspiracy to prevent diesels from being sold in america continues....
Try to relax... this is a great discovery and this young man deserves a LOT of credit. The obstacles to viable hydrogen are being overcome, and it's time for people to stop whining that it will never work.
Contrast the displacement and complexity of this range extender wankel to that of the Chevy Volt..... uh.... sorry GM. In related news, all chryslers still get horrible mileage and they always will.
In other news, all Chrysler and Dodge minivans still get horrible mileage, and always will.
I'm impressed. This offering, particularly the 69 mpg engine option, is spot on. The Ford Ka diesel needs to get to U.S. shores ASAP as well. Audi, you will be rewarded for making a sensible, efficient car! (in a related story, Chrysler unveiled a 7.3 liter 638 hp V14 /s) 2010 Jetta TDI
@ HarveyD: What a knee jerk liberal fool you are. The United States DOES have appropriate regulations. That's why we have far less graft in this country, for example. We have not had a 'free for all' economy for about 75 years. We have the second highest corporate taxes in the developed world, and we have plenty of regulations. How's this for a reality check: huge tax bonuses are not instances of embezzlement, and these bonuses are also NOT the cause of the banking collapse. One cause was the following unfortunate regulation: forcing banks to loan money to people who couldn't pay it back. There have been lots of fuel-efficient cars sold here. I drive one. Honda insight, jetta tdi, prius, etc. Without regulations. 'Western cowboys had their days' - how utterly simplistic and infantile. This forum is for people who are interested in alternative energy technologies, not stupid liberal politics. Go away.
..... In related news, Chrysler has finally introduced its long-awaited 488 cu. in. V8 pushrod engine with a mechanical fuel pump and new, hemispherical combustion chambers. Slated to go into the Dodge Durango, the new power plant will allow the vehicle to achieve 8 mpg.
Now that's a great idea!!! Drive the thing right on to the railway cars, gain extra range and it has the potential of being very efficient. Plus you can relax during the journey!
@ Stan: The largest known lithium deposits are in Bolivia, which presently has a very nationalist political orientation. Even though lithium is a common element, there are only a few places where it is economical to extract it.
.....In a related story, Chrysler has re-engineered the Dodge Durango line, increasing engine fuel economy 1%. The 2010 Dodge Durango will have an estimated fuel economy of 9.2 mpg.
Pardon me if I'm wrong, but that engine really sounds like it is merely running on compressed air.
"Yes and then most Americans couldn't afford to get to work." Sure they could -- just use the money saved in taxes and other hidden costs -- like wars (which were not counted in the oil subsidies). What planet are you talking about? Because under this administration and others, taxes are only going to go up. This study is deceptive, in that the title suggests that all things are equal in the comparison. They are not. Kilowatt for Kilowatt, renewables are much, much more highly subsidized.
You guys have some great ideas here. Here's another one: sandwich these thermoelectric cells to the back of high-efficiency solar cells which in turn are fed concentrated sun via fresnel lens.
@ Jim: "Rational biofuels probably does not include ethanol, if these researchers are going to be honest with themselves" Ethanol can be made from wood chips and garbage for $ 1.00 / gallon.