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Good choice to use Cafe Press--we got family reunion shirts from them and they were great. I love that there are multiple choices of designs, also. I wish I could have made a card or two tonight. Since I don't have enough paper in the correct colors, I counted up which were the most popular colors: aqua mist was chosen by 6 of the 10 designers! 4 chose classic kraft, and berry sorbet, pure poppy, simply chartreuse, raspberry fizz, and spring moss each were used by 3 people. It was fun thinking about these colors that are not usually the ones I would use. Thanks for such a colorful day today!
Wow! so many comments already. I'm glad to see hundreds and hundreds of friends following PTI. Things I love best about PTI: 1. monthly release countdowns! 2. very useable designs; I like them when I buy them and just keep using them. 3. outstanding ideas from all the PTI team members during releases. 4. make it monday tutorials--they are so well presented and easy to follow. Thanks for being a happy part of my life!
This is the most fun day of the year for me! I love the images that the designers create and I love/hate the rush to complete cards in less than 24 hours. It was so hard to stick to just printing on white card stock! A big thank you goes to the designers--past and future. There are always too many wonderful designs and creations. I especially like the series items that have additions every month or so.
I still keep thinking about the anniversary tag download that was way back at the beginning of the celebration. That was such a fun challenge and really stretched me into new areas! It didn't even occur to me to consider these as digital stamps, but saw a comment about that and love the concept. The best part? Those tags spoke "doilies" to me big and loud and I used some store bought doilies in most of the cards I made. Then the actual release was soooo rich with dream-come-true-doilies!!! Ah, bliss.
Happy Valentine's Day! I found 14. I'm so in love with doilies right now--I have a huge stash because I by one package of every size whenever I find them in a store. This is totally a release straight from heaven for me. [happy sigh]
381. I'm sure of it :)
Lovin' those doilies! In any form-what a nice way to dress up a card. I'm amazed at the brilliant mind that thought of the punch out tool to get all the little pieces out. Makes me wonder how the first paper doilies were made and how they became the product they are today. Hmmmm.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh my goodness! (jaw drop here) I can't believe this prize! It would be a dream come true to win. Even if I don't, at least I know that I just have to save $185 to be happier than a whole bed of clams.
What a fun day I have had today! I managed to use 7 of the 9 tags to make some very simple cards, and then I learned that I'm not very good at taking photos. At first I just couldn't imagine using most of the tags, but they kept growing on me and I didn't ever make it to the one I liked best at first. Thanks for a totally fun challenge!
I'd say my favorite was the day I was born. I just love life and every day is a joy. I do not enjoy big birthday parties, and rarely does anyone try to give me one, so most birthdays are delightfully perfect.
Here are all my birthday dreams come true! I've been so anxious for the hints about this big birthday month release to be introduced for the last few days and even with big expectations, I am overwhelmed at how much fun is packed into today's announcement. Thanks for such a great set of products!
it seems like this prize has everything in it--all so much fun to use! I especially love the Mat Stack 3 collection. The samples are darling. And, Nicole, the colors in your samples are so inspiring--I love them!
my favorite part of this wonderful prize is the healing touch set. I have such a terrible time with words that I often avoid sending these types of cards. I love Melissa's way with words. It just will make my life so much easier!
just plain darling! I love how they go beyond valentine's day. I did spend some time wondering how to make a container out of a single die cut--so glad to see that you need two to make the box! What a wonderful and generous prize.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on Introducing 2010 Love Tags at {capture the moment}
I'm so relieved! I have been going to thrift stores trying to find sheet music that looks old, without success. Now I can just make my own!! I admit I was at a loss about how to use bird cages, but the examples are so darling and the words are just perfect!
This is a hard one to answer! I decorated a clock face to give as a gift once. I've made lots of ornaments for all my nieces and nephews with various techniques. One of my favorite things is the trivet I use made from a ceramic tile with stamping on the surface.
This is such an amazingly creative idea--several little sets with a common approach (and matching dies!) I can still get one on a limited budget and add the others later. Very nice. The clincher is Dawn's handwriting--the best thing ever!
I just love the skates! Every different one is so cool. I'm also impressed with all the ways to add on to it with the pompoms or ribbons or whatever.
For me, it is a toss up between Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life. I can't even remember when I saw them for the first time!
I love the friendship jar and all the fillers and then you added the handle! Over the top on my list--what a grand idea and what wonderful additions keep showing up!
I've spent the most delightful evening looking at all the wonderful projects--thank you all for sharing your creativity!
this is just a perfect set--it covers everything! I love how it fits with the mat stacks. Sweet!
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2010 on Introducing Everyday Treats at {capture the moment}
after many years of holiday decorations, there are really only two things I use anymore. I love nativities--big, little, expensive, simple. I'd really like to have some more nativity stamps (hint, hint)! The second thing I love is doing handmade ornaments for all the nieces and nephews every year. There is no theme, except that I try to make them a little different for each of the kids in the same family.
I'd have to say it is my husband. He is such a champion for important things, no matter what. I especially love how he can see things from my point of view (female) and can be supportive totally when I take on more than I can handle. What a great guy!
I love that the masculine images are not strongly "manly", just normal things without any cute twist. I'm personally most in love with the globe, but I'm also intrigued by the coloring for the trees--cool! What else can be said about the wood grain stamps and texture plate? They are simply amazing!