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Lynn Henriksen
Northern Cal
Keeping Spirits Alive
Interests: Writing, Reading, Baking sourdough bread, Enjoying family & friends, Flying
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Andrea, what a delightfully honest and fun article. The mind certainly does play tricks of all kinds on us, most of the time we never know it! I believe memories also play tricks on us, especially memories that we don't take the time to explore thoroughly. In my work, I ask daughters and sons to deeply explore memories they have about their mothers and then write bio-vignette, short memoirs, capturing their mother's character and spirit for future generations. I'd like to bring my award-winning guidebook, TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory and Write Your Story Capturing Character & Spirit, into your consciousness, since I think you would appreciate all it has to offer - makes a terrific gift, too!
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2012 on Right Before My Eyes at Spirited Woman Blogger Team
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Hi Mingmei, To compare men who can’t keep it in their pants with narcissism would have been a better choice than using Alzheimer’s as your foil. You hit a nerve with me that I need to air. In the first place, there is no cure for Alzheimer's Disease. I’m sure you did not mean to be flip or make light of the ravages of Alzheimer’s, since it is a horrible disease—I know this on a personal level since I watched it take my mother way from us in a painfully show way. I find it disturbing to compare the devastation it wreaks on those who have it, as well as their families, with men who cheat. It’s like comparing brain cancer to a pimple, which most people would find more than disrespectful.
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Hi Sharen, What can this spirited woman do but offer you food for thought? Stay with me now, I’m going to tell you about something that is enjoyed like the finest wine and savored like the darkest chocolate and it can make Mother’s Day anytime of the year – really. It is a gift that will indulge her sensibilities by honoring her, expand her knowledge base by showing what you remember about her, and support her entertaining ways as nothing else could ever do. My passion for the past decade has been to inspire and teach women to capture the character of their mothers in a short tale, a bio-vignette. These priceless “Mother Memoirs” are 100% earth friendly and organic and don’t cost a penny. I encourage every woman to Give the Gift of Story – give mom the precious gift of your story to honor her this Sunday. Keeping Spirits Alive, Lynn TheStoryWoman Henriksen (Sharen, you mentioned the spirited women in your family from whom you inherited strength, spirit, and love of tasty things – I would love it if you’d send me a story capturing the character to one of these women you so admire for my TellTale Souls collection. I look forward to reading your story, if you’re so inclined.)
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