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I find it amusing that a spam idiot is trying to claim Greta is unhappy with herself. She seems perfectly happy to me! Also, yknow, two year old entries, but was linked from elsewhere I was reading and gave me quite a shock such that I had to comment there as well as here. You see, I knew Matthew Murray. Just online, just in IRC, but I knew him and I liked him. And because of this, I know his background and his history and why he chose to go out shooting. Matthew Murray was raised christian, in an abusive cult. He chose the churches he did to shoot up because of the hypocrisy of their pastors - namely Ted Haggardy. Christianity had done nothing but hurt him his entire life, so he chose to punish christianity in his suicide. He wanted it to be CHristian America's Columbine, he wanted to make some kind of impression on them. Unfortunately for that aim, his shooting was bracketed a few weeks apart by a bus shooting that killed more people than he did and something I no longer remember, so his blaze of glory faded into the background. Matthew Murray was as human as the people he killed and as human as the woman who stopped him. If thou shalt not kill, why was it okay for her to shoot and and try to kill him? I mean, it's quite logical to stop someone from killing lots of people at whatever cost, this is the rationale behind the death penalty. But it's not really borne out in the ten comandments, is it? Sorry to be rambly and tangenital. I just haven't been reminded of this for a long time. He was my friend. I miss him.
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