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Way to late to respond to this one but I can't resist. While I can appreciate more formal and minimalist gardens that are not at my home, I love to see plants spilling over walls and blurring the rigid geometry of driveways and walks. I never saw a fence that didn't look better to me with something growing all over it. But "over-planting" is a very meaningful term to me, in the dictionary or not. When I was young the most likely result of having a "professional" landscape done was a garden that looked almost finished at the point of installation with absolutely no chance that it would not go down hill from there as the plants actually grew. Maintenance was all about selective up-rooting. Well, "selective up-rooting" is a part of my personal gardening style. I have never in my life had a garden that was either entirely wonderful or entirely predictable. But.... That is why, even after a lifetime of trying for "the perfect" I am endlessly surprised when something really works in an amazing display....and I appreciate those special results because they are not entirely predictable. I think of this example you provided as one of those amazing gift moments. It just worked and it doesn't matter that it will not last forever.
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ok, so I am old and can't figure this out. Well, color me dopey as well as old. How do I get to your new web site?
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That is a very smug smile on your punctuation at the end of the "new rule" announcement for personal stories.
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