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I want to try the Sweet and Saucy Meatballs
Atari was my first game ever. I loved it an we played for hours. It is amazing to see how far gaming has come. Now we pay on the Wii, hope to get an xbox with kinect and play online. It is really interesting to see what the future will bring.
My tip is to oil up the grill before cooking meat. It will prevent it from sticking
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I am dying for an HP TouchSmart IQ770
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We live across a river so it's very nice. Our favorite spot is underneath our oak tree in the front yard. We can have a great picnic there.
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I am old school. My favorite movie is Cinderella. It was the first Disney movei I saw at age 4 and will always be my fav.
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We are trying to overcome not sleeping through the night
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we want to try the peach mango flavor
I would also hate to wipe it off. That is so sweet!
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I forgot my birthdate - yikes!! 02/07/1964
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