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Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Cool Camera Bag Giveaway! at Life Scoop
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2011 on Cool Camera Bag Giveaway! at Life Scoop
I wonder if Duckie would still want to ride with me....on a tractor....
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on No title at Life Scoop Community
My kids would have fun with this!
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I agree with Fiona. This is a brave post. I was almost wishing it were fictional cause i'd be like oh what if he reads my blog, but then I think it's all put together too well to be fictional. I think you probably have figured yourself out, the whole why you're feeling the way you do. You flashed back to happier days with him and remembered the good times you had together. Now you're friends and you don't want to think anything negative about him. I think it's just a matter of accepting it all over again and moving on all over again. Plus now he has a third child on the way, one more than you and maybe somehow you mentally feel competitive. You've made the decision with your husband to stop at two, but sometimes you wonder if you'll want another, but your husband got snipped and anyway having another baby may affect you healthwise, but look at him, he can have another child without worrying about repercussions right? You've taken time to remember the good times you shared with him and remembered the love you had for him and maybe didn't want to remember the hurt because now you're friends, but I think that you have to somehow re-associate the hurt that he caused you, the reason for your breaking up in the first place, without letting it affect your friendship that you have now in order to get over the feelings that you're now having. Reflect on your husband and children and how much you love them and wouldn't trade them for anything or anyone.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2009 on Jealousy at Chicago Moms Blog
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