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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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That was last week. Has Consumer's tried it THIS week?
Then Google will only indicate the chargers from the companies that advertise with them. Tricky.
Natural gas still emits half as much CO2 as coal. That's a lot. How many cities will not allow UPS trucks by the time they are on the road?
37 people representing the International Journal of Engine Research...can't be any bias there.
Harder to beat the efficiency of an electric motor, and battery density is set to increase dramatically. I'm willing to take the bet that those 37 are dead wrong. They obviously have a stake in the ICE game and can't see beyond.
Or, it could push the change to a renewable future.
First we take London then we take New York, Moscow, Paris, New Delhi....
Once it's on the market many other labs will jump on extending life, recharge speed, and other variables.
China doesn't need to convince a trucker of anything, they just announce a new policy.
Yes, this will certainly convince Californians to vote for him...sigh. Wheeler seem so very concerned for the safety of drivers...right. What about people in general breathing that crap?
Great! Keep the improvements coming.
The Williams battery described was built for Formula E. Short duration, high power fluctuating use. Different than a family sedans use.
The critical statement there is "at least in the near term". Things are quickly turning in favor of electricity, and not just in transportation.
Interesting that heavy trucks have risen so much while the regulated cars and trucks have dropped almost the same amount.
Soon all cars will record everything that happens on the road. No avoiding tickets and lost licenses.
If the big part of the market is offshore you will have to add transport costs to the selling price. Otherwise, it's a great addition to solar and wind to supply power 24/7, and for winter heating.
"Precision of electrode coating is an essential factor for efficiency and costs of battery cell production. Even smallest production errors make battery cells unusable. Due to the high reject rate and the low throughput, lithium-ion batteries today are more expensive than actually necessary. " So any reduction in failure rate means less waste and therefore less pollution.
And when your fancy painted car is dinged in the parking lot , how will cousin Cletus fix it in his garage? Back to the manufacturer?
Carbon nanotubes are electrically conductive depending on the orientation of the hexagons, in fact as conductive as copper. There is no need to 'dope' it.
HarveyD Here is a great explanation of why that won't happen.
For California with very low coal utilization and many EV owners having solar it will be lower than most states. If you're going that way though, let's calculate the CO2 emitted transporting gas to the stations, and for all the gas and diesel vehicles involved in the drilling and processing industries etc.
Start by cancelling all fossil fuel subsidies and using that money to promote renewables and efficiency improvements.
So they want to use methane (85x as bad as CO2) the help store 'clean' hydrogen.? Ummm.
SD, have you not heard of geothermal, hydro, batteries with renewable energy?