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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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If the aviation industry switches to this they will still be burning kerosene high in the atmosphere.
What is the cost comparison with other methods of extraction?
...taken to 80% charge, but from where? 10%, 20%??
Aluminum oxidizes in air. No energy input is needed. They are using scrap aluminum. Cans, parts or what ever. The aluminum they use already exists, and millions of tons are thrown in waste sites annually. The aluminum oxide is removed from the aluminum by the reaction of the gallium aluminum alloy in water at room temperature.
What carbon electrodes are you referring to? This is not a process involving electrolysis. Reread the article.
Maybe they are not building a system to compete with a Plaid. Carbon wrapped motors are not necessary on the average car, and we don't know what the innovations are but may find out at CES. It could be they are cheaper, or easier to design around.
All cars have electric motors. Starter motors. That doesn't mean they 'drove electrification'. The world would not be rushing to EVs today if not for one company...Tesla.
EIA continues to be highly conservative on the speed of change. You would think after being wron for so many years they would learn.
Canada was the second largest producer until the Chinese producers undercut them. Time to get Canada's plants operational again. One Noranda plant in Quebec can extract magnesium from the tailings left over from the previous asbestos mining.
How much CO2 is generated during the extraction of the natural gas (methane)? How much of the methane is leaked to the atmosphere? It seems the better path is through the extraction of hydrogen from seawater, of which we have no shortage.
Guess what. Heavy rain affects humans ability to "see" as well. Automated driving COULD still be better than a human under those circumstances.
Will it be used in coal mining?
Any timeline for North American sales? Price? CCS charging?
Toyota claim a lot of things, including that EVs are bad. Who has seen this Toyota battery in wide use...or anywhere?
If you're a plant and the sun is shining, lunch is free.
That's the way it SHOULD work. Companies working together. This makes three electric bus manufacturers in Quebec, and the province promotes clean power in a big way.
I'm with you on that Albert. Have they also accounted for parking lots covered with solar, and crops grown under solar in drought areas etc.? I think they have a very European perspective.
Weak, but it's a start. Next year let's change it to 2030.
Question: why did they drive in a loop? Answer: because they had to return to the only hydrogen filling station in 2,000 km.
...and yet Toyota lags behind the market and progress in battery tech continues to leap ahead.
Many of the specs listed don't come with the $40K version. 300 mile range, 4.6 second 0-60 and 10,000 lbs towing is only with the extended battery version. Many other features are add ons and can drive the final price over $90K. The fine print is important.
When driving I find it more important to focus on that rather than checking my social status in Twitter.
It's meant to be autonomous, so this car doesn't have to carry a pedestrian with it.