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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
Recent Activity
Somebody give that guy a ride in a Tesla.
LG batteries in an Indian (Tata) owned car built by a Canadian company (Magna International) in Austria. Are there any British parts in it?
Battery charge controllers are designed specifically for the chemistry of the original battery and may not work with these new cells in your Fusion.
Better way to reduce NO emissions. Build EVs.
Interesting to see how much they can cut costs for the final product.
Autonomous driving can soon take a great leap with all-optical defractive deep neural network technology.
It is not necessary to generate ALL the U.S. electrical energy from wind power. Much of it can come from hydro, solar, geothermal and of course offshore wind. They are modelling an extreme case.
"Mazda expects that by 2030, internal combustion engines combined with some form of electrification will account for 95% of the vehicles it produces and battery electric vehicles will account for 5%." No wonder they have never become a serious company, overtaken by Subaru.
These vehicles tend to follow predetermined routes. Hotel to airport, school routes, etc. If they are sitting for a time, plug them in to a charger. Air condition all you want.
This will fortunately have other applications. Fuel cells have a very limited use.
The efficiency of electrolysis is about 75%. So you lose 25% of your power there. Then the efficiency of conversion back to electricity by a fuel cell is about 60% Another 40% lost. Now, you have to get the hydrogen to the fueling station. Either by installing underground pipe or by trucking it. More efficiency loss. How was the electricity for electrolysis generated? Same way as if you put it directly in a battery at 95% efficiency. Range for a BEV in a city is no problem at all. FC vehicles output air, and WATER. Lots of WATER. Perfect for streets in cold countries in winter.
Renewable natural gas? It's mostly methane, 25x worse than CO2. How does that help the environment? There are leaks everywhere in the system from production to transportation to storage and dispersal.
"It will take many years to go from 1X to 5X" Battery range is already good enough for the large majority of users. We only need to get to 2X to make them good for everyone. That and lower price and faster charging. All those things are happening fast. Not decades. More like 5 years. Tesla already has semis that will get over 600 miles before requiring 30 min. to charge up another 400 miles. The new chargers coming out are capable of 359Kw and more meaning as soon as the cars are capable it will take 15 min to charge.
Forget floor height. Just pull a car loaded with batteries. Arrive at destination and switch to a car with fresh batteries. All charging is done offline.
I want an Eveready Bunny car. Small, cheap, and keeps on going and going and going.....
Engineer-poet. If you don't like it, become an early adopter.
These baffles work no matter the drive train.
If the manufacturing cost is reasonable this could well begin life as a stationary storage battery. With that kind of density they should be saving on the expensive components. At 150C you also have the cogen capabilities of heating water.
All U.S. consumption does not need to be stored, there are other sources of storage than battery, most of the batteries going into cars and trucks can be V2G attached to be part of that storage.
Now, what happens to charge times at say, -30C?
"The U.S. hasn’t been able to persuade Iran’s biggest oil customer China to reduce oil purchases" Maybe if Trump wasn't attacking China with tariffs.....
"Imagine pricing the left lane of regularly congested, multi-lane roads. A lower traffic volume on the left lane would be the result. This in turn means that the flow of traffic on the right-hand lane also increases. That way, everyone benefits." I'm not seeing how people in the right lane benefit.....anyone?
Actually the really poor can't afford cars and the less poor only drive very small cars. It's the middle income that drive more miles in larger vehicles. Besides there are tax deductions that can remedy that. I think 5 years will get us EVs that are cheaper than ICEs.
You have that backwards. Building a battery for pacemakers is highly more critical than necessary than for EVs. It makes no sense to wait for that level of acceptance in order to use them in cars. Use the automotive market to prove and improve the batteries before using them in pacemakers.
China has a huge aluminum industry. They are a big part of the reason The U.S. industry has been hollowed out.