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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
Recent Activity
Is this for EV battery packs only? Can they take AA, AAA, and button batteries?
The roadmap has to be continued research to get away from natural gas as a source and use renewable energy and other bio sources to get it from sea water.
What's next? Will they change their logo to a stylized 'T' and rename their Ceo 'Elon'?
So it could be used as a combustion heater in electric cars in cold climates.
Good, now let's see product at commercial scale and competitive prices.
It would be interesting to compare renewable performance to fossil fuel performance through the next 2-3 years.
This would an electric future drastically more efficient. The distributed renewable resources delivered without loss add a huge advantage when locating where the resources are and delivering to where the demand is.
That range is on the WLTP scale no doubt.
LNG and CNG are a poor half step. Straight to electrification. There are plenty of examples now that it works. UPS has ordered 10,000 electric vans and Amazon has ordered 100,000.
Meanwhile cities are banning fossil fuels and electric trucks are growing in number. Who thinks that was a good decision?
Andrew Wheeler flew over the cuckoo's nest.
Fine, but it requires the build out of a massive infrastructure that would take decades to cover limited geofenced areas. Autonomous vehicles are just that, autonomous. They can go anywhere. Drop them in the middle of Africa and they can see the road and follow it and everything around.
Very encouraging. Add this to carbon free steel production and we start getting somewhere.
Remember the kickback when seat belts were first introduced? Or airbags?
Probably heavier now with batteries. This will be fun to watch.
That ringing could replace the audible warning sounds at low speed being legislated.
How is a process that turns a greenhouse gas into another greenhouse gas that is tens of time worse, considered an advance?
Keep it coming. The world is hungry for more.
The Tesla Cybertruck starts at $40K and hauls more, tows more, is faster, rust and bullet proof, cheaper to operate and maintain with on board 120 V and 240 V power takeoff, height adjustable suspension up to 18 inches, built in loading ramp and tonneau cover.
A bigger more complex entity will be much slower to react to market conditions. This behemoth of bureaucracy will likely be among the first victims of bankruptcy from the onslaught of the EVs.
Impact per vehicle is down 37%, but how much of a rise in production numbers since 2010?