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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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No, no, no and no. "A wide variety of fuels are able to produce hydrogen, including renewables, nuclear, natural gas, coal and oil." This plan is meant to keep the oil industry as our masters. To continue wars for control. Solar and wind are democratic. You can have your own and control your costs.
The only thing this debunks is the supposed intelligence of our leaders.
Hyundai isn't competing with the U.S. They are competing with China.
OK, so Exxon alone posted $2.35 Billion (down from $4.65B a year ago) for the FIRST QUARTER of this year. So add Mobil's profits to that. Now they are willing to put approx. 1/2500 of that....spread over TEN YEARS into green washing. Impressive.
Great news. Now don't screw it up VW, by finding a way to fake the range or anything like that. Not that you would do something like that.....
" and having better thermal conductivity, which helps keep battery cells cool" Not a good thing when you are trying to keep them warm in winter.
The Navy find them best for their needs, but could be they have a low cycle life, or too high a cost factor or some other reason not to work for some other applications like in EVs. Temperature range? Expansion under load?
Musk is doing it right. His neural network controlled autopilot will make cars smart enough to go anywhere. Things are constantly changing in the real world. Bridges wash out. Landslides along mountain roads. Construction sites appear, accidents happen. Any car that depends on a map from space will run right into all kinds of problems.
Will this be a big step forward for Ford or backward for Rivian?
This would be a major leap for electric aviation. Light clean efficient planes.
The nuclear plants were already producing when the coal plants were closed down in Ontario, so nuclear did not take over that production. Mostly it was gas, hydro and renewables which grew from <1% to now over 9% of the total.. Best not to become a shill for the nuclear industry.
I think it will be available for a lot longer than that. As the effects of climate change increase the world will have to wake up long before the reserves are all used.
Good news, though they have a Loooong way to go.
Great! Flood the world with EVs! If they follow up this may drive Toyota to get serious.
Davemart! Holding your shorts up?
Build it right into a gear box and you have a very small power train. Great even for motorcycles. Enticing!
Yes, buy a FCEV and no problem, because you can't go anywhere anyway without a network of fueling stations.
I can't get that assinine Cadillac commercial out of my head. Most insulting I have ever seen.
This has to be standardized for all EV makes, and built into home power controls.
Sounds very much like any sales spiel. Lots of hype and technical sounding jargon but no details. What are horsepower, torque and fuel mileage? And price.