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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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I'm with you on that Albert. Have they also accounted for parking lots covered with solar, and crops grown under solar in drought areas etc.? I think they have a very European perspective.
Weak, but it's a start. Next year let's change it to 2030.
Question: why did they drive in a loop? Answer: because they had to return to the only hydrogen filling station in 2,000 km.
...and yet Toyota lags behind the market and progress in battery tech continues to leap ahead.
Many of the specs listed don't come with the $40K version. 300 mile range, 4.6 second 0-60 and 10,000 lbs towing is only with the extended battery version. Many other features are add ons and can drive the final price over $90K. The fine print is important.
When driving I find it more important to focus on that rather than checking my social status in Twitter.
It's meant to be autonomous, so this car doesn't have to carry a pedestrian with it.
Exactly. It's like an ad for a Cadillac. 'You are powerful. Your spirit soars on the wind.'
This technology should be adapted to ferries. Several all electric versions of this running between ports could replace one large ferry meaning shorter waits and lower overall costs.
The communications between vehicles need to be ubiquitous. The individual hardware and software can be different, but they all have to talk the same language to each other.
Lowering the emissions by 20% is not eliminating the emissions, and then there is the continued complexity of all the moving parts. As battery prices continue to drop, EVs will become more and more economical than the hybrids that will only get more expensive to buy and to operate.
Hyperloop COULD be more efficient than electric semis, but is also suffers many other shortcomings. To use the speeds both acceleration and deceleration have to be accounted for. It's fine travelling between distant cities but it can't service all the small locations not on a major route. It is also much less efficient when loaded with freight. A single truck carrying 80,000 lbs may be more efficient than 2-3 Loop capsules carrying the same load.
How much 'renewable' methane will be used? Likely very little, so it will encourage more natural gas production with all the attendant methane leaks.
Yoatman, that works up to the point where the competition, like Tesla, decides it's more important to transition the world is more important than making money from servicing, although... the new Ioniq 5 looks interesting. Wonder about pricing though.
"with the aim of mass-producing the product by 2020." So they have mass produced it already?
A good start. Question is, how comparable is it to a vessel operating on green hydrogen and fuel cells?
Tesla has not said their $25K car will be with LFP. It could be that by then they will be up to full production on their own 4680 batteries.
There are better solutions for flight. Smaller electric planes with VTOL capability and supersonic speeds. They are on the drawing boards and waiting for batteries to reach 400-450 wh/kg energy density. Not far off now.
The battery in current pre commercial form has 400 wh/kg but is on a path to 600 wh/kg. The technology and specs have been verified by the top scientists in the field including Dr. Paul Albertus former head to the U.S. DOE ARPA-E, and on the board of directors sits J.B. Strauble of Tesla fame. This is one of the projects funded originally by the DOE ARPA-E to advance battery technology and is the only one to meet their goals. So it is part of a Manhattan Project. This is the real thing.
Renewably produced electricity for flight. Small planes of 8-20 passengers based on VTOL electric supersonic jets. The physics works. No large planes, no large airports. Take off from anywhere, land anywhere, cross the continent in a fraction of the time.
It will be interesting to see if they are using their 'miracle' pouch cell batteries. Awaiting details.
Oh great. Another V2X standard. No car will talk to any other not of the same make.
In all uses of energy the first step should be to reduce demand. When will cars start insulating better? Helps with bot heating and cooling. Line the doors, floor and roof with aerogel. High insulation and almost no weight.
No mention of the financial feasibility. New motto: Fly higher on hemp.