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Ontario, Canada
Retired, but not from life.
Interests: Environmental building
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In all uses of energy the first step should be to reduce demand. When will cars start insulating better? Helps with bot heating and cooling. Line the doors, floor and roof with aerogel. High insulation and almost no weight.
No mention of the financial feasibility. New motto: Fly higher on hemp.
eMethanol is still methanol. Formaldehyde, a carcinogen and also a smog constituent, increases when methanol is burned.
As long as it involves green hydrogen and not blue hydrogen. Proton Technologies has the tech to produce hydrogen underground without extracting natural gas.
"~50% increase in the price of current electricity." where Matt?
With clean cheap renewable energy more countries will be able to meet their own needs and not depend on oil rich countries.
Less performance than the Cybertruck for twice the price. What a deal.
You would think with so much dependence on China Trump would stop insulting them until the supply problem is solved.
Ask Trevor Milton...ha ha ha. There is a lot of research making headway into green hydrogen at much lower prices. You will also notice that they talk about a HYBRID hydrogen turbofan. Stats put short haul at 54% of the total market globally, and by the time that 54% is covered by hydrogen (or battery) there will be much more advanced tech to expand into medium range and beyond.
Yes, clean green hydrogen or better yet, clean ammonia for zero emission jets.
which delivered nothing." Wrong. Today's ICE vehicles are a lot more fuel efficient, and we also now have electric vehicles.
So tell us what is different about the suspension on this 'concept' vehicle? You have any handling reports? Descriptions of the suspension?
Horrible vehicle for handling.
Canada Nickel is also developing nickel and cobalt mining that is carbon free. The mining will be done with electric equipment powered solely with hydro power.
At this point we have to do both. Stop producing CO2 and remove what is there.
That's 20% lower CO2 during only the acquisition of the product. It is still a major pollutant when burned or made into plastic.
Where would we be if the progress in SOME countries hadn't countered others?
In 2030 it could be competitive with 2020 prices of solar and wind? That seems to be the cost of production only. What about the infrastructure to compress, deliver and pump it into vehicles etc? How cheap and durable will the fuel cells to use it be? Hydrogen will have it's uses, but they will remain limited.
Partial recovery? No, full on resurgence.
" level 3 promised by Christmas with no fake claims " What do you say we just wait and see. Until then it is all conjecture.
Maybe they did like...calculations? Maybe they calculated that batteries had the range for coastal work, and longer ranges could be serviced with the addition of the hydrogen fuel cells mentioned?
Many Tesla models are limited to 155 mph (250 kph.) and the upcoming Roadster will do 250+ MPH (402 kph.) and many other makes of EVs also do that, so I don't know WHAT your are saying GasperG.