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I don't understand why you can't release better streaming movies/tv shows. We pay for it. Is the money for streaming not as important as for the DVD's. The selection is getting worse
*Not* is what I meant, not Now moral sorry for the error
I have subscribed to HBO and all the others over the years and I have NEVER found much at all worth watching especially on HBO they always have the same movies over and over and over and their other programming is now moral enough to watch in front of friends or family :They need to clean up their act tired of the filth they do offer
Netflix! surely you must be kidding that anyone will pay out good money to watch ANY of these so called movies. My advice to you is to TRY AGAIN and get it right.
I rarely get new releases. I tried but they always kept them as long long wait or long wait. I gave up on getting them so I started just watching old movies. I finally got 2 new releases this week but not sure How that ever happened. Surprised me.