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Dan, I did many of the things you say to do and I have an absolute rule, people aren't allowed to make statements about other people who are present, and I have low tolerance for personal statements about people who will never be there. You can say what you have to say without saying the other person is grumpy or angry. I don't just see it as a living room, I see the comments as amplifying in some way what I have written. If you have a statement to make about me or someone else, you're free to do that, in your space. Blogs are incredibly easy to set up and free of charge. There has to be a reason for what you're saying to be attached to my writing, and I have the final say as to whether it belongs there.
Thanks for volunteering. I think that twisting and mangling other people's words is his and MIT's actual business model.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on Editing Pontin's manifesto at Xark!