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Are we sure it was on THAT play? It wasn't on the numerous times that LD juked AC out of his shorts...thus, as the kids say, breaking his ankles?
It does, but be careful, because some Scouser might start threatening Ives's family if he keeps that up.
Landon? Dempsey? Yes. You are correct. Brad Guzan is a MORE than adequate sub for Howard. The dropoff of our play behind Jozy, and how usmnt would adjust around that is significantly less than losing the first two guys. Torres, Feilhaber, Jones, Edu (if healthy) would slot it, and Landon moves up top. Not a BIG problem, just a problem.
Such a happy day for the readers... Cccc-can't we all just get along? Just get along? Let's go out and kick some Honduran ass, mañana!
Uh, not when it comes with 4 major injuries to starters and one of them was near death... No. Not good enough.
So MEX and URU give RSA set pieces at their own peril with Pienaar hitting shots like that.
LD with a scary looking cross...almost goes in on its own. He looks best on pitch right now.
Donovan looks very nice up the right wing. A couple of crafty, threatening passes.
Speaking for futbol loving nerds everywhere... LOVIN' the math property reference.
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2009 on Maurice Edu returns to action at Soccer By Ives
Arshavin is good.
Either Jo is a targeted played by Chelsea, or he's portraying a S. L. Jackson character in a Shyamalan movie. And as soon as he's removed, his replacement scores the equalizer. Boy does this team need Landon.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2009 on This weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
Did you not watch the MLS cup Final? Buddle was a walking turnover. He was given MANY opportunities of service, and every first touch either went out of bounds or directly to an RSLer. I think Buddle played himself out of any consideration that night.
Ok. Part of this is just my ignorance, but... Name the better left attacking mids in the world? Who can, from that spot, torch both the Spanish and Brazilian back lines in a major cup competition? Not rhetorical questions. I'm sure they're out there, I just don't know the names.
Brazil, France, and Cote d'Ivoire not worse than Brazil, Italy, Egypt? Well, I guess that's a matter of opinion. I'd MUCH rather face the confed group.
Although it probably doesn't count as disappointment when your expectations are low to begin with, I felt Buddle was a disaster up top for the Galaxy. MANY times Donovan, beckham, Klein, (insert midfielder out wide here) provided buddle with something to run onto or hold and turn...nuthin'. First touch not only out of control, usually RIGHT to RSL. Also, he was incapable of holding himself onsides during critical breaks towards goal. Finally, when all he had to do was run onto a stationary ball and kick with power past a keeper...he couldn't even do that. Disaster, thy name is Edson. (not the Pele version either)
I'm AT the galaxy game, and the defense looks dreadful. They're slower than the 405 at 5 on Fridays. You can actually hear Sanneh's bones creak in the stands.
I'm relatively new to watching soccer. (started during the US-hosted Men's WC) But I watched with enjoyment the Women's WC as well, and found the entertainment _different_ not better or worse. I fear, however, the expansion plans are the real threat to the league. The WNBA is WAY to diluted in talent to be able to sell "good" basketball. And the college ranks don't produce enough talent to make WNBA without subsidy from NBA. WPS, however, because of the international appeal of futbol, has a MUCH better chance of succeeding because the technical game can be exhibited by men and women alike. Therefore, there are MANY talented women playing futbol worldwide, and the best players come from the Title IX-enhanced talent pool of American players. Just don't dilute the talent too early until WPS is viable on its own.
Donovan, Donovan, Donovan. He's got some time there, switching with DMB. Instead of looking at this as a patchwork, short-term thing, BB should use this as an opportunity to prepare younger players to fill the squad. Players rise to their expectations, if they don't fall on their faces. Therefore, Ching must go. Yes, he's had a couple of good games against "Local" competition. Nice leave off for the Sweden goal. But on the WC level there's NO WAY he's the answer. I see Ching as a forward with *glacial* pace at the top of a team predicated on speed and fitness. I think we need to place our faith in our younger players. SO, I advocate... -----------------Altitore------------------- Donovan--------Adu-----------Dempsey ---------Kljestan------Bradley---------- Speed kills, and USMNT CAN be the fastest team in the northern hemisphere. Don't even get me started on Wynne.