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Actually, Hindu Kutch means "Indian mountains" --- that was all once Indian, and the moslems encroached more and more, as is their wont, and now they want Cashmere, which has been Indian since the beginning of time. Since the Moslems couldn't get along with the Hindus or anyone else in India, India saw fit to cede them what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh --- but this does not still their lust for power and control. They want Cashmere and send their women there to have babies, their usual ploy. So when Israel gave Gaza to the Palis, thinking they would then be satisfied, they were soon shown how badly they had erred. Pali Arabs are not capable of self-rule, they are all typical spoiled brats as all Moslem men are and have a long way to go before they grow up into mature, reasonable human beings who can join a world of good will. When the angel announced the birth of Jesus, he said "Peace on earth to men of good will". Moslems are not men of good will, and as long as they have not been contained or eliminated, there can be no peace. Islam needs someone to hate, without an enemy, it would have no raison d'etre and would cease to exist.
I am so furious every time I hear the blasphemy that Jews are greedy --- they were not allowed to own property or be farmers or even open shops --- in Fürth, whence Henry Kissinger came and the Ochs family lived, Jewish people could not open a shop and had to go around from door to door to try to sell some wares. A law was passed that only one child of every Jewish family was allowed to marry, therefore preventing the other children from having children. So one younger son of the Ochs left and emigrated to America. He got a job as an errand boy at a newspaper, learned the workings of producing newspapers, and eventually created The New York Times, in his day an admirable newspaper with "All the news that's fit to print". He must be rolling over in his grave at what his newspaper has descended to. He also married and had children. Germany's loss was America's gain. Even the great French Rothschild could not buy a house and rented a big hotel to live in. The Jews have a talent for business and work hard and make money, and in so doing create jobs. They are not greedy, they are extremely philanthropic, donating museums, hospitals, schools and universities and scientific laboratories, contributing to culture and uplifting society. The Jews have improved and furthered every country where they have been welcomed and befriended. They are never on the dole and do not take money from the government, instead they pay their taxes and support the government and are a strong moral influence. It was the Jews in Germany who bought the paintings of the brilliant young painters --- these were stolen from them by the Nazis, who never bought any worthwhile paintings, just the opposite, the Nazis called the works of the new painters "not Art", forbid many of the painters to paint and destroyed a lot of their work. Jews are always the best citizens. So how can anyone see Jews as greedy? Of course they had to make as much money as possible to survive in the hostile situations they usually found themselves. Moslems on the other hand only have their hands out to take whatever they can get from the government, they never contribute to the society in which they live, no Moslem ever dedicated a public building or institution for the good of all the people, they only further Moslem causes and Moslem charities. I never saw a headscarf at the opera or at a symphony concert or for that matter at a play, Moslems are only interested in Islamic things, they are uneducated, unenlightened barbarians, what are they doing in our universities, contaminating them with their ugly ideology? If only all Moslems would go back to their native countries, let them study there in their own universities, if they have any. They do not belong in the USA.
The Moslems think "Christian women are satanic" --- well, Moslems think ALL women are satanic, even female babies exert an influence on men which forces them to rape even a one-day old female baby --- it's not the man's fault, it's the satanic influence of everyone female. A three year old girl is just asking to be raped, and Allah knows a man cannot resist this erotic call from this child. So Moslem men are not punished for this most heinous of crimes. And also, Mohammed (piss be upon him), for Moslems "the perfect man", raped countless girls and female slaves, therefore with Allah's (his alter ego) approval, so Moslem men can do it with heavenly sanction, if Mohammed did it, they can do it. Moslems with their unenlightened. brainwashed minds and souls cannot understand the Bible and its message, the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) exists inallthe great religions, from confuciousism to Sikhism, but it does not exist in Islam. This concept is not Islamic. The Islamic man's concept is: I will do what I want regardless of how it may injure others --- me first. Allah says a man has the masculine right to fulfill his sexual desires. Afterall, women are on theis earth only for two purposes --- to bear children and to provide their husbands with ecstacy --- otherwise, they have no purpose.
Osama bin Ladin said: "The concept of Human Rights is not Islamic". Human Rights does not exist in Islam, Moslems do not even understand what it means. It is not a concept for "fostering mutual understanding and respect among all persons and to encourage equality and prevent discrimination" --- this is not what Human Rights means. This commission is just a ploy to insure no Moslem will ever be brought to justice, no matter how horrendous his crime. And why does the Commissioner and Chair of the City Commission on Human Rights, Patricia L. Gating, need NINE people, all of whom look like foreigners, to assist her? Is she not capable of carrying out the job she has been entrusted with? If she has a question about any issue, she can call on the person she chooses of her own volition and ask for advice, NINE people giving their opinions and intruding into her decisions is just a Moslem's way of confusing the issue, ham-stringing justice and getting their way. These nine people are only there to control Mrs. Gating. This whole commission must be abolished, it is not necessary and only serves to manipulate and thwart justice, not insure it. The extent of Islamic infiltration is just mind-boggling, there is NOWHERE where these vile and dangerous insects are notinfesting the functions of our government and misrepresenting and twisting the purpose of our laws. This is just another example of the orchestrated sabotage perpetrated every day in every way to undermne our freedoms and the concept of democracy. Already in 2002 there was an outcry against this CAIR-inspired outrage in New York, but it continues. And I've come across a movement that was created in 2003 with the sole purpose of destroying CAIR, but CAIR, in spite of all its many crimes, goes merrily on. There doesn't seem to be any judge who is patriotic enough and clever enough to indict this unindicted criminal organization. If the judges do not reach righteous decisions, crime will just go on smouldering. Everything depends on the integrity and patriotism of the judges. There is only one word that is proper for every Moslem barbarian to hear, and that word is "NO".
There should not be any Moslems in the U.S. Armed Forces, they can never be loyal to our Constitution, their officers and their comrades-in-arms, they are only loyal to the moon god Allah. And these Moslems have the audacity to disapprove of a Christian pastor speaking to Christians in a Christian land??? And this is allowed??? I cannot believe it. It is impossible. The Moslem soldiers wouldn't have to listen to him, although they should, maybe he could convert them. But Religious Freedom demands that Franklin Graham be heard. What kind of Religious Freedom is this? Rev. Graham, I ask you to make a fiery crusade clear across America from sea to shining sea, preaching the beautiful gospel of Jesus ala Billy, filling every football stadium to overflowing and starting a renewal of our religious fervor. The churches are empty not because the Gospel is lacking in wisdom, virtue and fascination, but because the pastors are boring theologians and are not enthusiastic portrayers of their wonderful material, convinced of their purpose. The pastors in the early 18th century in Colonial America preached fiery sermons about liberty and many descended from their pulpits in order to engage actively in the fray. Baldwin's "New England Clergy and the American Revolution" gives an impressive list of their activities: "When the news of Lexington and Bunker Hill arrived, parson after parson left his parish and marched hastily toward Boston. Before daylight on the morning of April 30th, 1775, Stephen Faffar, of New Ipswich, New hampshire, left with ninety-seven of his parishioners. Joseph Willard, of Beverly, marched with two companies from his town, raised in no small part through his own exertion. David Avery, of Windsor, Vermont, after hearing the news of Lexington, preached a farewell sermon, then, outside the meeting-house door, called his people to arms, and marched with twenty men. On his way, he served as captain, preached, and collected more troops. David Grosvenor, of Grafton, left his pulpit, musket in hand, joined the minute-men who marched to Cambridge. Phillips Payson, of Chelsea, is given credit for leading a group of his parishioners to attack a band of English soldiery that nineteenth day of April. Benjamin Balch, of Danvers, Lieutenant of the third-alarm list of his town was present at Lexington and later, as chaplain in army and navy, won the title of the "fighting parson". Jonathan French, of Andover, Massachusetts, left his pulpit on the Sabbath morning, when news of Bunker hill arrived, and with surgical case in one hand and musket in the other, started for Boston. Many who did not join in the actual fighting rendered service to the American cause through preaching and writing, encouraging non-importation of goods and home manufacture, giving of their small salaries to the cause of liberty, and serving as recruiting agents in towns and villages. We need such pastors today, good men to come to the aid of their country, being aggressive and fiery, not apologetic and panty-waisted. Yes, what we need is a Great Crusade. Rev. Graham, why are you spending your time in Sudan and other places, when your country so desparately needs you now?
Don't these Jewish men realize they are God's Chosen People? They are the highest and the best, the Jews have given more to the human race than anyone else, they even gave us access to their God. Western Civilization comes from Judaism, read Thomas Cahill's book "The Gifts of the Jews". There would be no Christians without the Jewish people, Jesus was not a Christian, He was a Jewish rabbi, he celebrated the Jewish holidays and spoke Aramaic, all the great personalities in the Bible were Jewish. Christians should celebrate the Jewish holidays, too, as Jesus did, well as the Christian ones. Don't these men, who are trying to be good and understanding, realize that they will be the first to be eliminated if Obama becomes the despot he's starting to be? I wish I could get these beknighted young men to read some books about Islam and Obama's crimes and intentions instead of reading just the Torah all the time. We need idealistic young men like this, but they are misinformed. How can we reach out to them???
How ironic that something called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation refuses to allow Religious Freedom at the Pentagon. What a pity. The military really needs to hear what Rev. Graham would have to say in his prayer. When is CAIR going to be indicted??? CAIR restricts my religious freedom every day, I am offended by the sight of a mosque, I am offended by the sight of a burka, I am offended by these Islamic ghouls who look like aliens in America and Europe wrapped up in their foreign costumes, so incongrous to the landscape and the architecture. Every day I am offended by Moslems but nobody hears my complaints. CAIR really is so afraid something might put a crack in their stranglehold on Americana. Blaise Pascal said: "I know I am going to die but I don't believe it". And I say: I know all this anti-American activity is going on, but I don't believe it. How can the American military refuse to allow a famous Christian pastor to pray with them on National prayer day because some aliens indoctrinated with a false belief who are slowly colonizing our country are intimidating --- of all people --- the military??? For the first time in mt life, I'm ashamed to be an American. The commanding officer at the Pentagon is a coward. I hate to think he is responsible for defending me from enemies both foreign and domestic. Yes, I'm ashamed.
Sorry I can't come on Sunday --- too far --- but one of your fans named Shoshana who liked my comments got in touch with me and I put her in touch with a Jewish lady I met in London when I went there in March to march in Geert's demonstration --- they got on like a house on fire and are now planning a big event to honor Israel in London. Last Thursday the 15th eight of us members of P.I. [Politically Incorrect] in Munich drove up to Berlin in a mini-bus to participate in a rally for Geert on Saturday 17th. People came from Switzerland, Austria, Holland and from all over Germany, the rally was a big success with exciting speakers. But in the evening, we from Munich were sitting with the four from England [whose flight was canceled because of the volcanic ash, so they drove, coming through the tunnel, it took them 18 hours, which I think was heroic, but they wanred to come] and we conjured up a super, terrific, momentous idea: A huge rally against Islamization to be held on 9/11, and we chose Cologne because of its proximity to England, Holland, Belgium, France and Denmark, and of course all European countries will be invited to take part. One man who's an officer in EDL [English Defense League] --- which can also be used for European Defense League --- said he could bring at least 5,000 people and there will probably be between 15,000 and 20,000 people --- and the Media CANNOT ignore this. By then hopefully Geert will be Prime Minister of Holland and that can be celebrated. This idea has just been born but it will be developed and will probably go down in history. According to the leaders of P.I. and other groups, more and more people are waking up and joining in the fight to preserve and protect our European, Western culture. Be of good cheer, and fight the good fight.
Would it be possible to adorn Greyhound busses with your ad? Then it could be seen in a lot of states. How can those who are interested find you? I bet those slobs at CAIR headquarters are shitting bricks and throwing up their halal food all over their beards and hairy chests. God's in his heaven, all's right with the world. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Franklin Graham does a lot of work in Sudan, helping Moslems get out of Islam, which was imposed upon them and which they do not want. He said the Sudanese are very nice and good people and are suffering because of Islam. He's not fanatical, just helping. That the pentagon invited Graham in the first place is a very positive sign. Why are the Moslems so terrified if a Christian speaks??? They must not be convinced that their religion is the only valid one, if it were, why should they worry? No one is allowed to read a Bible or to hear a Christian preacher, Moslems are so afraid their victims might learn another way of living one's life which is not in accord with Islam's rules and regulations. Islam is a religion for zombies.
An English gentleman named Colin Green who lives in Burnley said he was shocked when he found out that one of his three children was learning about Islam in school, when the same child "couldn't identify more than one English king and had never heard of St. George", England's patron saint. When he complained, the teacher said the curriculum was imposed from above. Well, the one who imposes such outrages has a face and a name. It's imperative to find out just who is commiting these crimes against their own country. The police always say they are just following orders --- well, whose orders?? Its essential to find out the source, to get names of those issuing such orders, and then to confront them, make their activities public, get their names printed in the papers and if possible their faces, and to let them know there will be a reckoning some day and then they will be punished for their treason.
As the great Sir Winston said: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". The truth is, these Moslem bullies are cowards, just like the Nazis, they roam around in groups and look for a lone victim they can terrorize with no danger to themselves. Fear is sometimes worse in the imagination than it actually is --- if it is confronted it can fall to shreds. Fear is paralyzing and the need for self-preservation overtakes principles and intentions. Mohammed knew this, terror is powerfu, seeing someone beheaded can shock one into submission. Europeans should demand a public and thorough de-Eurabification, the lies propagated by pro-Islamic Multiculturists should be removed from history books, and a proper respect for European cultural traditions should be restored. Those officials on senior levels who have participated in the creation of Eurabia should STAND TRIAL FOR CRIMES AGAINST THEIR CIVILIZATION. I am against the European Union, it is such a mistake. Let Italy be Italy, let Spain be Spain, let France be France, let Germany be Germany, and let Denmark be Denmark --- the Danes know best what is good for their country, someone sitting in Brussels giving out orders to all European countries is counter-productive. There were two great surges in Western civilization, one was in Athens, which wasn't even a country, only a city, with 35,000 citizens at its height under Pericles [citizens were men 18 and above, women, children, slaves and foreigners living there were not allowed to vote, but all men, the aristocrats, the rich, the oarsmen, the artists, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker irregardless of station were included in the government], and they brought humanity to its highest peak, their thoughts still influence us today in science, astronomy, the arts, in philosophy, in medicine, in literature, in every field, and especially in "the good life" and how to live it. The second high peak was the Italian Renaissance, which also occured not in a country but in a lot of city-states, which meant each had to have its ruling palace, to be decorated by the artistic geniuses abounding everywhere, with philosophy and poets and music and dance. Both of these places had to fight for their privileges, Socrates was a soldier along with all the others, and the wars between the duchys in Italy were never ending. Advancement in humanity, freedom to think as one wants and to live as one wants has always had to be defended. And now we have to defend ours.
Lennie, if you're going to make some Mohammed [piss be upon him] cartoons, please be aware that the disease of agrogomaly [also known as gigantism] causes the bones to grow in strange ways, his nose was elongated, his face disfigured, his ears pronounced, his feet, hands and fingers made huge and doughy, and this disease causes hirtosis, [his body was hairy and his eyebrows bushy, also excessive sweating which has a nauseus smell. He was hideous to look at and made everyone who drew him leave the face blank. When he received reports of his raiders about the number of people killed and the amount of booty acquired, he always appeared with a cloth over his face [he forced his women to wear a veil to cover their beauty, he had to wear a veil to cover his ugliness]. So, before you start with your cartoons, have a look at Ali Sina's article about Mohammed [piss be upon him] and agrogomaly.
Dear Lennie, OF COURSE you have my permission to use "Piss be upon him" --- Piss sounds so close to "peace" that it just came to mind. I took a second look at the Islamic buses and realized they are using ADAM, NOAH, ABRAHAM, MOSES, and JESUS to lure people to become Moslems. This is beyond perversion, it is sick. How could anybody stretch their imagination to find a way to associate these five people in any way with the 7th century invention of a psychotic perverse would-like-to-be-included madman? None of these holy five had anything at all to do with Islam, but Moslems would like to have the naive and the unknowing believe this. Mohammed's [piss be upon him] first wife, Khadischa, was a Christian, and her uncle [or her cousin] was even a priest. He was taken to a Christian slave to get instruction, but the slave became afraid of him and ran away. He learned a few stories, but didn't understand the philosophy or the deeper meaning of the Bible. He was illiterate and could neither read nor write --- he didn't write the Koran, I have an article somewhere listing all those who did write it. Mohammed [piss be upon him] had NOTHING to do with Abraham and Ismael, that all happened 2,000 years before Islam was thought up. And, Ismael was a Hebrew. There's no way to show scientifically any blood relation between Ismael and Moslems. This is a story that has come down through the centuries because the Moslems wanted to latch on to Judeo-Christian history to lend their fraudulent beliefs some measure of authenticity by association. In any case, as I said, Ismael was not the child of a legitimate marriage. In the Middle Ages, Moslems were called Saracens, which means "without Sara" --- [sans Sara] --- also, illegitimate people. Mohammed [piss be upon him] would only allow his geneology to be traced back eight generations [for us a generation is 25 years, for Moslems a generation is 15 years because their daughters start having their children at 13 or 14]. But there is no way that he, or any 7th century Moslem, could trace his geneology back to Ismael.
What is so infuriating is the way Islam always tries to horn in on Judeo-Christian territory, they put Abraham, Moses and Jesus together with Mohammed [piss be upon him] but the first three have nothing to do with the last one. Hagar was an Egyptian slave girl and was given to Abraham as a present in Egypt [by Pharoah?]. She wasn't an official wife of Abraham [she was Sarah's maid-servant]and the son she bore to Abraham was a bastard. He was also a Hebrew, so why is he considered the forefather of Moslems? It's just their way of trying to confuse people who see these Islamic buses, trying to make it seem like Islam and Judaism and Christianity are all the same thing. I think it's a super idea, but wouldn't a Moslem who harbored thoughts of escaping from Islam be loathe to present himself in public in the bus, for fear he would be seen? And then, when they do leave, they have to have somewhere to go, as they cannot go back to their families. This would mean having a half-way house where they could stay until they could be given a new identity. Perhaps you've worked this all out. Even some who have seen through the horrors of Islam still remain as it's more convenient --- to leave means giving up family, friends, way of life and religion --- not everyone is as brave as Rifqa. Even Wafa Sultan said in her book that she was still a Muslim because you cannot divest yourself of all this indoctrination completely --- leaving Islam is such a big and courageous step. The Danish psychiatrist Sennels explains this exquisitely in his article "Muslim Integration into Western Society is Not Possible". It's not actually the religion that keeps them tied, it's the culture. They don't know how to behave in a Western kindly, normal way because they've been raised in an atmosphere of violence. There are so many things to be considered. But anyway, Pamela, I wish you Godspeed.
Some person of note, in some renowned magazine, can't remember who or which one, put forth the name of Petraeus for president. That would be a big mistake. My personal choice would be Jack Wheeler, he has the knowledge, the world contacts and the intellectual class to fill the bill perfectly, but I doubt he would want the job --- its so full of slime and corrupt people, making deals and pleasing all those with their hands out, it would take a self-sacrificing angelic patriot and there aren't too many of those around. But not Petraeus, he's not qualified, intellectually or spiritually, in my opinion.
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Moslems believe that men are pure and that there is some evil element intrinsid in the female, of whatever age. That's why rapists are not punished, it's the fault of the victim for being female. Even the word for woman in Arabic means "shame". Mohammed came out of the fierce and cruel culture of the desert. This is what they thought about females: "And when a daughter is announced to one of them, his face becomes black and he is full of wrath. He hides himself from the people because of the evil of that which is announced to him. Shall he keep it with disgrace or bury it alive in the sand? Now surely evil is what they judge." Surah 16:58-59, Shakir Before Mo's time, new-born baby girls were buried alive in the sand because they were considered a disgrace to the father, who only wanted sons. Perhaps that would have been a better fate than to be raped at the age of one-day. I only know of two things that Mo did that are commendable: one, he forbad the killing of newly born female infants, and the other, he limited the number of wives a man could have to 4. Before Mo, a man could have as many wives as he wanted and could afford. Although officially, a man could have four wives, because Allah especially loved Mo he was allowed to have eight, and he actually had 21 official wive, two official concubines, and thousands of female slaves and hundreds of little girls. I can only think of the delight Rhett Butler felt at the birth of a daughter, he told Mammy he didn't want a son, they caused too much trouble. Of course, he would have been delighted with any child born by Scarlet. But what's so infuriating is the complete disregard of the sacred persona of this baby, its uniqueness, its personality and potential --- and Islamic law condones its "permanent damage" as the right of a man to fulfill his beastial lust using this baby as an object. [As Mo said, Women are toys}. before a man could have as many as he wanted and could afford.
Abu Bakr's wife Qutaylah bint Abd-al-Uzza did not accept Islam and he divorced her. Another wife, Um Ruman, became a Muslim. I assume she was the mother of Aisha. I found this delicious little story: Mrs. Abu Bakr: Abu, I don't like that weirdo friend of yours coming here daily. Abu Bakr: He grabs little Aisha, outs her on his lap and smooches. Abu Bakr: Crazy woman, he is her grandfather's age, he loves children, that's all. Mrs. Abu Bakr: I don't know if he loves children or just wants to make love to children. Abu Bakr: What nonsense are you saying? For God's sake, he has the koran in his chest Mrs. Abu Bakr: Koran is in his chest, not between his legs. Anyway, I don't want him to come near my little daughter. He gives lice to her every time he hugs her. Even his beard has lice. [Bukhari, Vol. 9, Book 87, No 130] Abu Bakr: Woman, you should not talk about Mo like that. He is the greatest man who ever lived. Mrs. Abu Bakr:If he is so great, why does he swim with the dead dogs in the pond which has garbage and menstrual blood? Abu Bakr: What are you talking about? Mrs. Abu Bakr: Yesterday I went to throw garbage in the Budaah well. He was jumping up and down and enjoying himself in the filthy, stinking water. I asked him what he was doing in the dirty water. He said, "This water is clean". I asked how that water could be clean with so many dead dogs, excrement and garbage in it. He said that nothing makes water dirty. He then drank some water, performed wudu and left tom lead Maghreb prayer. No wonder he stinks so bad. Last night Aisha gagged and threw up when he made her sit on his lap. [Abu Dawood, Book 1, No. 0066} [People asked Mo if they could perform ablution with water out of the Buda'ah well, which is a well in which menstrual cloths, dead dogs and stinking things were thrown. He replied:"Water is pure and not defiled by anything.] Mo drank the dirty water from the well of Buda'ah and performed wudu with it. Abu Bakr: Woman, don't you understand? You witnessed Allah's miracle. If you and i drink the Buda'ah well water, we will be sick like a dor and maybe even die. But nothing happens to Mo. Doesn't that prove that he is Allah's prophet? Mrs. Abu Bakr: No, that proves that he is a nut case an we should not allow him near our daughter. Abu Bakr: Too late for that. Today he asked me for her hand and I accepted. Mrs. Abu Bakr: You crazy old man, why didn't you say NO?#Abu Bakr: I did. But he said they are Allah's orders and he is helpless in that matter. I had to agree. I don't want to make Allah angry and end up in hellfire. Mrs.Abu Bakr: Can you at least put a marriage condition not to come near Aisha after he bathes or makes wudu in the water of Buda'ah well?
This is a quote from the highest religious authority in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini: "A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however, is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister." This complies with Mo's statement that a woman is nothing but a toy. But it gets even worse: Mo had Allah pronounce the aya 65.4 [decree] that a Muslim man can marry and have sex with even a one-day old infant. [go to "site video" and click on sex with a one-day old girl]. When Abu Bakr's daughter Aisha reached the age of six, Mo decided to ask for her hand. Abu Bakr: Mo, you must be joking. She's hardly 6 years old. And you're in your 50s. Mo; She's old enough for me. Abu Bakr: Didn't you marry off your own daughters when they were much older? Mo: That was before aya 65.4 was revealed. Now a Muslim can marry even a day old infant girl. Abu Bakr: But MO, you called me your brother, how can you marry your foster niece? Mo; But you are not my real brother, you're only a brother in Islam"
Before Mandela was arrested and imprisoned, he did a lot of cruel aggressive things and had a nasty attitude to Whites. I heard him say that while he was in prison, he changed and it was because of how kind the prison guards were to him. He realized that whites were mostly good people and he began to assume the tactics of Gandhi. His violent wife was no longer able to adapt to these new ideas, still wanting crime and murder, so he divorced her and she fell from grace. But people do love to hate, it seems to lie just under the skin and is a gut reaction. To love requires a certain plateau of evolution and restraint, and is rooted in an upbringing that teaches one to stop and think, to be mindful of the consequences of ones actions and to see things in the long term, not just the present minute. It is not directed by revenge. Is the life of one African better when a white man is killed??? Not at all. The murders only assuage their blood lust but doesn't help their situation. It will only get worse. For me, Africa is just one big swamp of crime, murder and destruction, overrun by a lot of savages. All African whites must be given refugee status immediately and be rescued from this insane asylum. All the black Moslems who swarm into Europe and pretend to be refugees but are not --- they just want the free hand-outs European countries are stupid enough to give them --- must be sent back to the Africa whence they came, to fight it out there with their compatriots. Let them develop their own farms and start producing food, let them develop their own economies and stop ruining ours. I'm furious when African countries blame the West for all their woes they maker a travesty of democracy and only elect dictators who have tons of money to buy uniforms and big boots for their private armies and supple them with the latest weapons, then sicc them on the citizens when they protest. This is not the fault of the West, it is the fault of their own disability to govern themselves. Taker India for an example: In spite of dreadful treatment by the British, the Indians did not start campaigns of revenge, but learned from them and now have the biggest democracy in the world, with daily improvements in the living standards of the poorest of the poor. They have an old and beautiful religion guiding them, the Africans are falling more and more into the hands of the Moslems, which will keep them in slavery forever. I say: no more money for Africa, no more trading with africa, all Western businesses should immediately cut off all dealings with any African country, and after all the Whites are all safely out, let the blacks make war upon each other until they are all annihilated, and then some whites can come back and install some decency and some law and order and start new countries.
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The citizens of Dudley do not want the Islamic fortress in their town, but must bow to "Orders from Westminster". This is much too vague, the orders had to come from someone with a face and a name --- this name must be found out and this person exposed. This happens all the time, the police are "only following orders" which must come from someone. The police in the Midlands seem to be notoriously anti-English and their order-giver, or commandant, must have a name. He will probably say he is also just following orders, but there has to be a pin-pointed person or office that sends out these orders. I'm sure that a big exposee in The Daily Mail or The Telegraph would make an impression on the English public and could lead to that person being thrown out. He must be asked Why he is opposing the legal demonstrations of loyal, patriotic natural-born Englishmen and protecting the screaming, violent Moslems who, even if born in England, are not English. It is vital to find out these order-givers and expose them, otherwise this method of thwarting the EDL and its sympathizers will continue and eventually lead to many EDL members being injured, because the fascists know they will not be restrained. Who can investigate and find out the string-pullers?
It is significant that the murdered man's name --- Terre'Blanche means "white land", also the land on which he was living was appropriately occupied by a white man.
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What about the Statue of Liberty holding in her left hand instead of a book a sign saying SIOA? As presented in the first example, but without the flag in the background???
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The white farmers were great benefactors --- they knew how to farm, which demands a lot of skill, knowledge and dedication, they employed thousands of blacks who loved them, they were the bread-basket of every nation, and they were the only ones who paid taxes and maintained a certain level of culture. They contributed to the well-being and progress of their countries. When the governments allowed blacks to come and take over these farms by brute force, they fell into ruin and became non-productive. Those who forced the white owners out didn't want to farm, knew nothing about farming and would never be willing to work from dawn to dusk as is required from a farmer. Anything good that is productive and functions is always destroyed by the communists and the ignorant, as the Kulaks were killed and disenfranchised in Russia --- they were rich farmers who supplied the whole country with food, and deserved to enjoy the fruit of their labor. They were annihilated and Russia starved. If the African governments had been the least bit intelligent, it would have parceled out grants of land to worthy blacks and have the white farmers teach them how to run a farm --- thus doubling the amount of food and goods available to the country and providing work for thousands. But communists only destroy and do not think ahead. Communists only take and do not give. It's the have-nots hating the haves, without realizing that the haves have something because they haver worked for it and deserve it. Anybody who goes to the international games coming up in Africa is insane, boycott Africa, and my advice is, every white person who can get out safely should do so as soon as possible.
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"If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." Winston Churchill