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Eucalypts are a native species and support native wildlife. Depends on where you live.
Fracked oil will last for decades-fields in Texas and California, and other sites are plentiful. A well, though, peaks within a year or two and new ones must be built to maintain volume. Whatever, we would be better to leave it in the ground.
Here is an ocean storage system proposed for Belgium
There is a similar proposal in Sweden to electrify some 60 miles of freeway at a cost of $US370M-this is for iron ore trucks in the far north.
The car company(owned by BMW)is a different company to the engine manufacturer 3PS.
I remember a proposal "Sahara Forrest" that built canals from the Med to inland, below sea-level areas of the Sahara. Along the banks were evaporation systems that both cooled greenhouses and supplied desalinated water in abundance. They were also coupled with Desertec CSP installations. Such projects to the Dead Sea and the Quattari Depression in Egypt could also generate hydro power. Maybe it is time to revisit this concept.
Lead-acid batteries are not dead - especially for heavy duty stop-start use such as busses, delivery trucks and garbage trucks. Check out the UltraBattery from CSIRO.
Arnold, The mining industry often uses compressed air as the power source as it is the safest energy source. Batteries release hydrogen during charging and this is considered dangerous-I'm not sure how these fuel cell equipments will fare when the hydrogen leaks!!
"The anticipated level of decommissioning will provide a major business opportunity for the oil services industry – especially vessel operators and well service companies and could be a significant boost to regional economies." Of course this is a business opportunity for a small group of companies but it should be viewed as a totally unproductive activity that adds yet another hidden cost to our addiction to carbon fuels.
Latest test results indicate water is within limits
The mind boggles! Better to shut this industry down before it does irreparable damage to the local environment. It's contribution to energy security is problematic at best, given the energy expenditure to get the tar out, and the clean-up costs.
Two other CHP units using Gas are about to hit the German market - Ceramic Fuel Cells BlueGen unit uses low temp ceramic fuel cells and Whispergen uses a Stirling Engine to generate power. Both are dishwasher-size and are different only on the amount of heat generated. Both are in the >80% efficiency range.