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I actually added all the Best Foreign-Language Picture nominations just for the heck of it. I hope they turn out to be good. Here's the list of the nominees and the winner, Departures (Japan):
That is a tough question. I think they would have to bring maybe 1/2 of their DVD library over to streaming for me to consider dropping the DVD shipments completely. Like Tom Miller said above, I might drop to a 1-at-a-time plan instead. Some top titles I'd want to see streaming: Trailer Park Boys (series) Burn After Reading Rachel Getting Married Vicky Cristina Barcelona Who Killed the Electric Car? God is Great, I'm Not Entourage (series) Six Feet Under (series) ...and a lot more
We use our Roku box all the time. ALL the time. However, the selection is very limited. The combination of having new releases mailed to us, plus having lots of back catalog available on streaming is good. Hopefully NetFlix could get all their DVDs onto the stream. If then, I could see using streaming only. Otherwise, I'd still straddle the two services. And price? I would think the streaming service by itself (with the existing streaming catalog) should be around $5 a month. With the full catalog, I'd definitely pay $18 (what I pay now for both). Also a quick note: HD streaming on the Roku works surprisingly well. How is this possible? Our connection is just a regular DSL, but we can stream HD with no breaks in the movie.