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Even your rags are elegant, Elizabeth. Eileen Fisher, imagine! I love these still lifes.
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2014 on Cabin Fever at The World Examining Works
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I appreciate that, Mr. Zimmer! I actually wondered if you were interested in hiring a copy editor. ;-) Thanks for the openness.
I am intrigued by the article and appreciate the points, but I confess that I got caught up by a few typos. Zimmer demonstrates the graces of good writing, but there were sentences with too many words (see below), and I started to get distracted from the excellent topic. I look for serious proofreading when I read articles online in order to take the author seriously. EXAMPLES: "The problem, I think, is lies in TED's basic format." "There's lots of research, for example, that shows that indicates that even the most intense drugs, like heroin turn only a small fraction of people who try them into addicts." And at the end, when I wanted the punchline, a striking typo: "When a TED talk end, the lights go out." I sort of hate to be so picky. But I think each of us in our various fields should keep our standards up. Believe me, I am not being snarky here! I admire the article. Signed, an English major who wants to learn more serious science
I like the interplay of that round playground tunnel and the nonlinear reflection on Austerlitz. I can't wait for grandkids!
Toggle Commented Apr 23, 2011 on Out to Lunch at The World Examining Works
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Their smiles are contagious, resilient! This has been a fantastic project, Sidney. I've been watching eagerly.
Wow, that's odd. My comment has my old avatar, a tree. What happened to my Featherhead self portrait?
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Oh, such beauty in the Fox! I have never been in it, I am sorry to say, but I will try to remedy that soon. That light . . . oh my. And the mosaics. My daughter graduated from Detroit's College for Creative Studies, as I mentioned in the post you link too (thank you), and her graduation ceremony was in the Detroit Opera House, another glorious building. Saarinen is famous for much, and I was fortunate to spend a weekend writing workshop at Cranbrook, in Bloomfield Hills, one of Detroit's suburbs, where he, his wife, and his son designed everything! The building, the furnishings, the fabrics and rugs. It was a privilege. I love your delightful ending, about advertere, and a turning toward something now. I felt the same after the ad. I believe love is attention, and I am going to continue to love Detroit!
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This has been a marvelous and painful series, Sidney. The first image is so arresting. Great work, and important.
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2011 on The Urban Poor. Pier 18. at MY SARISARI STORE
You always tell the truth boldly and powerfully. Thank you.
He does look better in his costume. He knows what he's doing, I think.
It's a shame the Holy Child makes him look so upset and sad. I just love this series, Sid.
WOW! Sidney, this is something else! His story would make a great biopic or documentary. YOUR documentary is brilliant. Great, great work, my friend.
How beautiful all of that is. I especially am struck by the photo with your shadow and that elbow. The leaf in the pool is gorgeous, that blue!
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They are all beautiful, but I can't get over the turtles! When we see them in our lake, we see only the heads, a ways out, and quickly they disappear. Yours are so cute, all spread out in the glory.
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2010 on Fishy Trippy at The World Examining Works
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I've been watching your movie signs posts at Google Reader, and suddenly I remembered that my dad used to paint posters for a movie theater when he was a teenager.
The photographer quotes have been very effective in this series, Sidney. Hey, thanks for telling me about sitaw.
It's true, we should be open and honest about photographing people on the street.
I forgot to say, how awful about your fall! I hope you weren't injured, though I don't know how that would be possible to be injury-free after such a fall. Be nice to yourself this weekend.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on safety first at soeurs du jour
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This makes me smile, how much a world view changes after college. I hope they are battened down and safe, and having a great time.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2010 on safety first at soeurs du jour
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Every one of these is what I would call a perfect street shot, with spontaneity and great human interest. But am I surprised?
I really like the first quote, about going back to a place, about getting its rhythm. It's tricky, I guess, finding the ability to quickly click at just the right moment, and also to understand by observing for a while.
Sidney, first off, it's great to see you back. Strangely enough, just yesterday I was thinking of you and wondering where you are, what you're up to, and whether you would blog again. And here you are! Amazing. When I think of street photography, you are the model and standard I hold up. I recently did a post on tattoos, and I went into the local tattoo parlor to chat and take pictures. I don't know if I'd have had the courage to do that without people like you out there.
Beautiful. Someone said we know ourselves through our mothers. I love this picture of her. Wow. You have a LOVELY blog.
Well that's frustrating, if there are no good candidates. I hate to think how long change takes. These portraits are beautiful, stirring all the mom instincts in me for protection.
What kind of crazy homemade cap is he sporting? He could sell those!