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Although the administrator says that the building should be wireless, there is still going to be a lot of wiring to do. And there will be more wiring every few years until the building is torn down. Wireless won't carry very many full screen video presentations at the same time. During construction, running empty conduit into wall boxes on every wall (or several on every wall) will seem like a waste of money, but it will never be easier or cheaper to do than during construction. Empty conduit can make the difference between a future job being possible or not, or it being cost-effective or not. If the cabling that is planned to each part of a room fills the conduit, you need another empty one or you need a bigger one. There is no area too small or too out-of-the-way to not get power and networking support. One school tech guy told me that when they re-wired a building, they put network jacks "in anything bigger than a broom closet." Three months later, they had to call the contractor back because they wanted to put a network printer in a broom closet. Placing a network outlet near a power outlet seems obvious, unless the contractor doesn't do it. I think that it's important to have a solid infrastructure that is designed with expansion and addition in mind. Don't just think about how you plan to use a room on opening day. Think about how you might need to use it when the student population is 120% of designed capacity. If you have to decide between empty conduit (and other future-proofing steps) or projectors on every ceiling, choose the conduit during construction and add the projectors later.
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