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Todd was talking with co-host Mika Brzezinski about Limbaugh’s role as a leader in the Republican Party, and he also suggested a linkage between the radio host and far left bomb thrower Michael Moore. He insisted, "They [Democrats] want to do to the Republican Party what Republicans tried to do to the Democrats with Michael Moore and all that stuff." He's a pompous little guy who was promotyed too early in his career.
Rush isn't the problem, the far-left animal activists (PETA, POPGO, WOOF) manipulate the corporations with their boycotts and sabotage. These freaks make Rush seem mild-mannered. They have far too much influence in the Dem. Party and Washington DC.
The whole Rush Limbaugh issue is beginning to remind me a bit the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Russia in the mid 1990s. The party enjoyed strong backing from about 30%+ of the population – which was enough to make it the most popular party in Russia’s multi-party system at the time – but was fairly reviled by most of the remaining population. Sure enough, the party did well in parliamentary elections (where 30% of the vote translated into a lot of seats) but when it came to presidential elections, the communists never could get a candidate elected. It seems like the same thing may be going on with Rush – he’s sufficiently popular that if you are a Republican, you want him on your side for a myriad of benefits he can provide. But when it comes to general elections, I wonder how costly association with him will prove to be.