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I truly want to thank everybody who was with my wife and me in support and prayer!! Concerning my BIG FAMILY at Anthony Road Wine Co. with John and Ann on TOP of it - they are amazing and deserve all the credit I can give them. There will be no change in winemaking on my end for John and Ann within the near future. And whenever the day of change would approach, they would have always as much support as I could give them! They are a big part of my life and family!!
There is no rule which would say that just a dry wine (or sparkling wine) is supposed to be a good product. At the end of the day the balance of a product makes the difference. And who among us wouldn't enjoy at times a nice, well balanced off-dry wine or sparkling wine? I am happy for Ian at Swedish Hill and the folks at Sheldrake Point for getting the honor. It showes in both cases their consistency for quality in the bottle. We should be happy that a group of very qualified judges has an mind, wide open to respect and honor a different product in our glass. The Finger Lakes have so much more to offer then "just" a drier style Riesling......let's explore it!!!! Ian, I am happy for you!!
Great Article Evan! Here a little additional information on my end: A) Based on the German Wine Law we can add sugar to the juice as long as the later wine would be sold as either Tafelwein (the lowest of the quality categories) or Qualitaetswein (our every day quality wine, mostly bottled in 1.0 ltr. bottles). And even then we can't raise the alcohol past 11.5% for Tafelwein and 12.0% for Qualitaetswein. All other categories starting with Kabinett, Spaetlese....up to the TBA's, would be not allowed to be treated with sugar in order to raise the alcohol. After fermentation it is strictly forbitten to add sugar in any case. B) The correction of acid with Calcium Carbonate or Potassium Bi-Carbonate is especially at the Mosel not so common. In some other regions like Franconia or Wuerttemberg I have seen it on many occasions. Mr. Pruem from S.A. Pruem told me the other day that they did not correct any acid this way in more then 40 years and that most of the other Mosel wineries wouldn't do so either.
Bernard, welcome in the Finger Lakes. Now you are part of our big "FAMILY"! Good Luck!!! Johannes Reinhardt Anthony Road Wine Co.
Good wines keep people talking.
We can't thank Morgen, Bob Madill and many others enough for putting an "organized" effort into this matter. Working as a team seems to help a lot. One can't imagine being turned down when showing up with 70+ wines to be reviewed at one of the "big" three magazines. The door is already a little "open"! With combined efforts and the best possible focus on quality we will "run in the door with the frame"!! Persistence, persistence, persistence.....
Welcome Kevin!! Some winemaker like OJ, others like Chardonnay :).....and pretty much the rest of us needs a lot of beer to keep making wine!! Johannes Reinhardt Winemaker Anthony Road Wine Co.