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William G Irwin. Telecom systems have used exactly what you are suggesting. The safety reg's are focused on faults to GND, but the power can be pulled between plus and minus voltages. 96V is way better than 48V. But as you pointed out, you need an extra wire. For a remote powered telecom system we're talking about 22 gauge wire. But with fat cables for a car that may be a deal breaker.
I enjoy the debate about H2 vs BEV as much as the next guy. But neither will have a big impact on GHG without a carbon tax. Instead of vilifying the oil companies, implement the damn tax already. That will put the final nail in the coal coffin, coal being even dirtier than oil. Rachet up the tax, and let the best technology win.
And Costco, Safeway, McDonalds, shopping malls, etc. Even a level 2 charger would be very useful to have at retail locations. I use Chargepoint, but seldom can find a charge station within a 15-20 minute walk of places I want to go. And I'm led to believe the Bay Area has better charging infrastructure that most urban/suburban areas.
I'd like to know the round trip energy efficiency of a hydraulic hybrid system. I recall having read somewhere that for NiMH batteries it's only about 50%, due mainly to poor charge acceptance; and it's somewhere around 80-90% for LiIon batteries. If anyone has better numbers please share your info and sources. Thx.
I wonder about the economics of fertilizer manufacture. If gas can be bought for next to nothing where it's being flared, the capital investment in the plant is the main expense. There are also labor costs, and the cost of transportation of the final product to a market. Can fertilizer plants be modularized, and maybe even be made transportable by truck or rail. Would that be an advantage? How long is gas typically flared from a given location? If this is economical I'd think somebody would be doing it.
mahonj, When I bought our 2008 Prius the Toyota dealer had 6 or 7 cars on the lot. I wanted to test drive a Civic Hybrid, but the dealer down the street had exactly zero cars available. I drove the non-hybrid Civic and the Accord, and liked them both. And I was actually leaning towards the Civic Hybrid, even considering the compromise on the trunk space of the "adapted model." But you can't sell cars if you don't first make them.