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brinda allen
Secondlife via San Diego Ca
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Sadly the first time or so that someone is murdered because some psycho in Secondlife was able to real life locate and identify them...nothing will change...unless it's a relatively *famous* person. I love Secondlife...I plan to stay 'till they turn out the lights...or they force real life connections.
Absolutely not...Way too many people in any world with "odd" interests
Ms Berry has it right... Nooblets one to chat with 'cept another nooblet... Default avies totaly suck... Too embarassed to continue on...they leave... Lindens don't seem to be able to fix/don't want to fix the golden first hour. The SL mentors that did actually *work* with new ppl during that first hour are now disbanded...(All maybe 100 of them...the remaining 1600 never seemed to find the time to go to the HIs What's that line? "There will always be a Mainland" Or the Fuller Brushmans shtick... "Knock on enuff doors and "X" open..."Y" buy a brush..." Get enuff nooblets and some will stay...the hell with the ones that don't.
Hmmm....I think I'll go play the California Lottery...I'de stand a definite shot at winning that before figuring out Linden Lab.
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Dec 29, 2009
Thank you...such a beautifull piece. I've sat in tears through it several times... maybe because I am old.
There's an ass for every saddle... I guess some of those asses prefer to "live" in more of a fantasy world than others. After all women have gone thru over millenia...That some would chose to even RP in a situation of subservience just amazes me. Thanks but no thanks...not even if some chose to pay my substancial Linden tier.
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WOW! This will be interesting to say the least!
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