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I am Karen from Shakopee, Minnesota. Random fact would be that I grew up in southwestern North Dakota in the least populus county in the state and in the house my dad was born in, on the family farm almost 100yrs old...rural America at its best! I love all the precuts, they are practically so timesaving (particularily with the right patterns) for those of us with small children AND as some marketing genius correctly guessed, they are OH SO DESIRABLE. My favorite line (I don't know that it is new, but new that I just discovered it) is LUSH. I love the more modern fabric designs and my husand is a hunter so it just seemed perfect for a throw for my living room since I have a deer hanging up in it! (now lets see if I can get the throw done by his 40th birthday!)
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Delicious photos... For your new project here are a few ideas, some venture to different cultures... Tres Leche Linzertorte Tiramisu Cinnamon & Sugar Berries & Cream (or Creme Fraiche)
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