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This is precisely why I sew. I always have something I like, want, or need in my size.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2014 on Feeling at Home at Fat Chicks Rule
My first machine was a Pfaff Calendra on which I had to make manual buttonholes with the zig-zag. Next, I got a Singer Stylist with a built-in buttonholer. That machine died after 10 years of constant use. I upgraded next to an Elna Carina SU 66, a fantastic machine that was destroyed by an unscrupulous mechanic. I replaced that with a Viking 400, a real workhorse with occasional temperment. My latest, most expensive and most complicated is a Janome 6600P. As for Bernina, I took a few classes in which we practiced on Berninas. Yes, they were nice, but frankly they weren't quite as responsive as my Elna at the time, not to mention they were twice as expensive and the accessories were prohibitively expensive. I've sewn on a lot of different brands through the years. They're all good. Just get a machine that "feels right" to your particular sewing. No one can tell you what feels right to you. The moment I test drove that Janome, I knew it was "the" one for me. It was three years before I was able to buy it. It was worth the wait.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2011 on What Sewing Machine Should I Buy? at The Sew Weekly
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