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HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Who wrote this drivel??????!!!!!!????? The problem today is that we have a lack of qualified employees? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Why don't you go ask some of the (MANY) recently unemployed how they like being called unqualified. This author (assumably a teacher, professor, or lobbyist from the NEA) takes a 21 month old survey from before the recession and uses it to expound on the need to expand the educational monopoly. Too funny. Perhaps they should take an economics course. Hey, author, did you hear about the credit crisis? It's been in the news lately. I understand if you are too busy writing grants to get money form me, or attending meetings to increase my kids tuition so you can get another raise, but this is ridiculous. Here's a couple of things you may want to study up on. First, the credit crisis is having a major effect on companies receiveing money to either a.) start-up, or b.) expand. This creates a problem because if the factory cannot get credit to expand, they cannot hire new workers, build new space, etc. Also, these companies will not make as much of a profit and may have to lay-off workers. Again, author, please see the recent news. And not the New York times, please. therefore if companies are not hiring, expanding, etc. all these newly educated people in your world, will actually have no where to work in the real one. Also, if your argument is eventually supposed to conclude that government financing of education, economics, and general takeover of ever aspect of our lives, perhaps you should review history and see how well socialism has worked up to this point. Not very well. i don't see a whole bunch of educated employees rushing down to Venezula right now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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