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Michele @maxOz
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Interests: music, reading, walking, people, other cultures
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Apr 24, 2010
Michele Smorgon - Social Media Director - maxOz Hello ALL Social Media is my 'Key Specialization / Service for my Consulting Business - I have found immense value as numbered below: 1.Twitter (maxOz) 2.My blog - 3.LinkedIn (michele smorgon) and 4.Faceboook (msmorgon) 5.Ecademy (michele smorgon) In a wonderful article, I recently posted 'Twitter is about what you know and Facebook is about who you know' LinkedIn is about your career path, history, experience and skills. Although of late, as with Facebook, there has been an enormous push to join forums and groups. An excellent example of the benefits of social media and its ROI: "Flowerdale Bushfire Recovery" Social Media is a relatively new phenomena and there is still much to evolve in it's benefits and uses for Business. I love Social Media because it has created a platform of transparency, networking and close proximity, with the ability to create visibility and credibility. Twitter has been the most effective in generating traffic to my blog and business