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Daniel, I don't know what you were expecting, but the current hatred and hostility came as no surprise to me, nor the depth of our being affected, by 9/11. Perhaps the time it took to build to the current fever did surprise me. And in the same vein, I'm not sure there is time for healing much of the PTSD Society. I just hope it quits spreading and that we can join a community of the world ... before we fall inward and stay there.
Its hard to single out a culpret for "humanizing"/"personifying" brain functions. Its a cultural pastime. A recent read of mine spent inordinate time contorting past the history of the church and pure philosophy (bunk)so as to get a clearing within which to investigate mind. So much baggage! Add that they (Meeke, Juste)perported to "operationally" characterize or define wisdom, when it is surely a cultural opinion of an observation (perhaps an evaluation of the internal event, played through the bias of culture--would be more exact?), NOT an operationally definable becomes painfully aware that language is non longer an exact anything. Even in "science." Remember we still yap on about "the soul." Not much progress since the darker ages I might argue. Postmodern Science? oh joy! And the audience requires it ?! I find the agnostic approach recently undertaken at DARPA to be more scientific, being (as I prefer- Taoist that I am) an investigation of "what" and not of how, WHY and other premature or perhaps even meaningless questions. Name what needs a name, not what those before you wished to be relevant in some religiopollitick. Just "what" for me! that's plenty to observe.
re charging on freeway. Every hundred feet would be cost prohibitive and such short bursts. I think something more like the slow lane on the right every 10 miles etc or perhaps a stop snuggled at appropriate exit/entrances, where they already have electricty for the lamps. Yes, bus first! and forgo the costs of a car and parking space wasted from other better urban uses! cars are so poor at passenger miles per lane anyway and its more absurd at gridlock or slower speeds. I think a bike is far superior in these situations. A car only shines when you hit the open road. Anyway, as I keep pointing out, there is a guy who is working on the battery cost and refill thingie. proposing a system of "rental/exchange" if I read it right and he's got attention on two continents, but not name rememberance in my head.